Harris County shootings: Family scared in Parkland Place Subdivision home after repeated gunfire


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — A family in northwest Harris County no longer feels safe after repeated gunfire directed at neighbors’ homes and theirs.

A woman, who wished to remain anonymous for privacy, said that the drive-by shootings have happened for years, but it escalated in the last six months.

Her home is in the Parkland Place Subdivision and backs up to Alabonson Road, a busy back road where the gunfire originates.

“My kids are in fear every time they hear a loud noise,” the woman said. “They think we’re going to die.”

She has a bullet hole in the window next to her kitchen table from June 20.

“They were sitting down to have dinner, and they had just sat down,” the woman said. “My daughter was standing next to me. I was at the stove. She says she felt the bullet go by her ear. It went maybe a foot or two above my head, and I hit the wall. It went into a popcorn box.”

Since then, she said the gunfire happens about every weekend. The woman does not believe it is the same person firing each time. She thinks it is teenagers who are playing around.

“When my son hears a shot, he ducks,” the woman said. “He’s like, ‘Mom, get to the floor. They’re shooting again.'”

The woman said her neighbors’ homes have also been hit.

She and her husband put up a cinderblock wall on the inside of their fence in hopes of stopping the bullets from piercing their home. Last weekend, a bullet made it past the wall, and she said it hit their home again.

The Harris County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office confirms that the woman has filed numerous reports with their office. They said because of the nature of the incident, the sheriff’s office will investigate it.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has not responded to an inquiry regarding the status of their investigation.

The woman feels frustrated that she is not receiving more help to keep her family safe.

“Are they waiting for one of us to get killed? To be severely hurt? I mean, I think I’ve done what I can to try to help my family,” the woman said.

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