Harrison Ford’s ‘GTFO’ magic trick resurfaces after Oscars cameo

Harrison Ford’s ‘GTFO’ magic trick resurfaces after Oscars cameo thumbnail

April 29, 2021 | 6: 15pm | Updated April 29, 2021 | 6: 15pm

Indiana Jones has officially had his mind blown.

“Get the f—okay out of my house,” demanded a dumbfounded Harrison Ford, 78, in reaction to an astonishingly juicy card trick executed by magic master David Blaine, 48. 

Social media excavators recently exhumed a clip of the Golden Globe winner guest-starring on Blaine’s 2013 television special, “David Blaine: Real Or Magic.” 

Per the newly resurrected reel, a flabbergasted Ford hysterically gives the illusionist the boot out of his kitchen after he magically hides a 9 of hearts playing card inside of an orange. 

And the “Star Wars” star’s stoic, albeit stupefied reaction to the sleight of hand is going viral. 

“Think of any card in the deck,” prompts Blaine to Ford in the video, which has accumulated over 4.5 million views on Twitter. 

“Great, hold the deck,” the sorcerer adds. “You’re thinking of a card? Do I know what card you’re thinking of?”

The “Call of the Wild” bigwig, who is set to reprise his role as Indiana Jones, shakes his head “no.” 

“Your card just left the deck, just now,” informs the magician. “Look through the deck, your card isn’t there. Go ahead, look. It’s not there. You won’t see it there. It’s nowhere.”

Blaine — who took to the heavens in August, soaring 20,000 feet above an Arizona desert while holding 52 giant balloons — then tells Ford to grab any random piece of fruit out of a bowl on his kitchen counter. 

“Can we take a knife and cut it right there? Say your card out loud,” he asks, to which a skeptical Ford replies: “9 of hearts.” 

Bringing the moment to full climax, Blaine then splits open the orange to reveal the “Random Hearts” actor’s soggy, rolled up playing card.

Ford then breathlessly clutches his chest, and unrolls the card to reveal that it is, in fact, the same number and suit of his original selection. 

Then he tells Blaine to “get the f—okay out” of his house. His colorfully worded command, said with an awe-laden chuckle, was made humorously rather than contemptuously. 

And no stranger to flexing his funny bone — with his signature flat, dry monotone in tow — Ford dropped a few funny bombs while presenting the Oscar for Best Editing at the 93rd Academy Awards Sunday.  

Using fake notes from his 1982 sci-fi thriller “Blade Runner,” Ford joked about the tedious work film editors do to make a movie an absolute hit. 

And while his comedic stylings were missed on some Oscars viewers last week, resurfaced video of his hilariously telling David Blaine “f—okay” off this week makes up for it. 

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