Hashtag Trending July 4 – Google delete abortion clinic visits from location history; satellites for detecting emissions; AirTags help recover vehicle

Hashtag Trending July 4 – Google delete abortion clinic visits from location history; satellites for detecting emissions; AirTags help recover vehicle thumbnail

Google will delete visits to abortion clinics from location history, satellites will help detect methane leaks from space, and a Toronto man was able to recover his vehicle using Apple’s AirTags.

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Google says it will automatically delete visits to abortion clinics from the user’s location histories as a part of a list of new privacy changes. In addition, it will auto-delete visit records for places including counselling centres, domestic violence shelters, fertility centres and addiction treatment facilities. According to the Google blog post, the system will delete the information once it identifies visits to these places. The change currently has only been announced in the U.S. and will take effect in the coming weeks.

Source: Google

Two satellites will soon carry remote sensors for detecting leaking methane into space. The sensors have previously been installed on aircraft to identify large methane plumes, allowing companies to fix methane leaks faster. But with this new advancement, the satellites will be able to identify leaks almost anywhere. And with an aiding hand from AI software, the system can quickly calculate the number of emissions escaping. This is a part of a new initiative to hold the industry accountable for emission leaks. It also helps to expose countries and companies that underreport their emissions figures.

Source: Business Insider

A Toronto man was able to recover his stolen vehicle thanks to Apple’s AirTag trackers. In a stroke of bad luck, the man, identified as Lorne, had his vehicle stolen twice in just three months. After losing his car the first time, Lorne put three Apple AirTag trackers in his new vehicle. When it was stolen again, Lorne found his AirTags in an area around a metal recycling plant and contacted the police. Thanks to his information, the police were able to track down the vehicle, as well several other stolen cars. The police did not provide CP24 with more information as the investigation is still pending.

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Source: CP24

Virtual properties seem to be as hot as physical ones. One particular plot in the VR game Entropia Universe just sold for $18,000 to Justin Reed, a player in Texas. Reed is no stranger to the game, however, and has been playing for almost 20 years. But this isn’t a “buy low, sell high” kind of investment. Rather, Reed earns money by taxing other players on the plot. Since the initial purchase in March, Reed has already made $1,200. He says that he eventually wants to make enough to help him retire.

Source: Kxan

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