Here’s how to score free pizza and soda in select cities right now


You’ll want to get a pizza this deal.

Tired of inflation sending food prices to Pluto? Not to fear. This month and next, Coca-Cola is joining forces with pizza places around the country to offer customers around the country free pies in exchange for — wait for it — recycling.

Dubbed Toss In, Take Out, the initiative was launched to celebrate the soda company’s trademark 20-oz bottles made from 100% recycled plastic expanding to new markets, per a recent company press release.

These greener pastures include Chicago, Atlanta and the Pacific Northwest.

“Our ability to use 100% recycled plastic is a direct result of consumers’ sustained commitment to recycling,” gushed Kurt Ritter, Vice President & General Manager, Sustainability at The Coca-Cola Company North America.

Bleecker Street Pizza.
Bleecker Street Pizza and other select pizzerias will be offering a complimentary slice and 20 oz bottle of Coke in exchange for a recycled bottle.
Facebook/Bleecker Street Pizza

In order to show their appreciation, Coca-Cola is allowing customers to bring a plastic bottle — and not just Coke products — to select pizzerias in exchange for a complimentary pie.

Live in New York? You’re in luck. On Wednesday, October 24, legendary Bleecker Street Pizzeria will be accepting this form of plastic currency.

“Consumers can bring in an empty plastic beverage bottle to be recycled in exchange for a slice of cheese, Nona, or pepperoni,” said Nikki Kaplan, owner of the legendary pie purveyor.

They’ll also get a free ice-cold, 20-oz 100% recycled plastic bottle of their choice of Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero or Dasani, bringing new meaning to the phrase “waste not want not.”

“In the future, we plan to bring this design innovation to more brands and markets,” Kurt Ritter, Vice President & General Manager, Sustainability at The Coca-Cola Company North America, while discussing the company’s bottles made from recycled plastic.
Facebook/Bleecker Street Pizza

This is just the first leg of Coca-Cola’s roving pizza party.

Toss In, Take Out deal will then be offered at Goodfellas Pizza & Wings in Atlanta on November 1, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria in Chicago on November 7.

Best of all, every bottle donated during the initiative will be recycled and reprocessed into new Coca-Cola product bottles at a local bottling facility, per the release.


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