Hot Deal Alert: Anova’s Chef-Approved Vacuum Sealer Is Under $60 Right Now

Hot Deal Alert: Anova’s Chef-Approved Vacuum Sealer Is Under $60 Right Now thumbnail

Here’s a question for all you fermented food freaks, sous vide heads, general leftover enjoyers, and ex-aspiring Noma cooks (RIP): Do you have a good vacuum sealer? I don’t mean a janky, uneven-sealing, weird-to-load vacuum sealer; I mean a good one that keeps your meat marinated and your lacto-fermented plums juicy. If not, let me be the first to ask, “Literally what are you even doing in the kitchen?” My grandma has a good vacuum sealer, and she only uses it to seal and freeze salmon so she can microwave it later.

For those new to the vacuum sealer life, this machine basically lets you take a food product—steak, vegetables, a slice of pizza, whatever—put it in a bag, and suck the air out. And for my science nerds who [annoyed voice] need to know why one would do that, it removes all the oxygen from the food’s environment so that it won’t start breaking down. This can let you cook it easily in water, store it for a really, really long time, or create prime conditions for fermentation.

Fortunately for you, revered cooking brand Anova’s precision vacuum sealer is 25% off right now on Amazon. For a cool $59.99, you can start working towards becoming a sealing master (which will happen almost immediately, since these are very easy to use). 


Precision Vacuum Sealer

$79.99$59.99 at Amazon

This model is especially awesome because it has three modes: seal only (doesn’t suck the air out), vacuum seal (does suck the air out), and pulse vacuum, which lets you close up more delicate dishes and items with the precision of a master. Just make sure to use its power for good and not for becoming a mean chef who makes people travel to an island to eat his food (this joke is for people who have seen The Menu).

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Hit me up when your fermented habanero-cilantro hot sauce is ready. 

Grab the Anova Precision vacuum sealer on sale at Amazon.

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