How the war in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas impacts Colorado

DENVER (KDVR) — The war that is unfolding in the Middle East has far-reaching impacts, including here in Colorado.

A Colorado Jewish group was in Israel when the conflicts started.

Dr. Dan Leshem, director of the Colorado Jewish Community Relations Council, told FOX31 that about eight Coloradans landed in Tel Aviv, Israel before the conflict began.

Dr. Leshem said he does not know if there have been any casualties among those Coloradans, but they are working on getting flights back as soon as they can.

On Saturday, the same day the conflicts started, a group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators took to the State Capitol.

“I wasn’t there, I didn’t talk to anyone, I don’t know what their message or their motive was but I would hope that our shared humanity would mean that we would all mourn the loss of life and the terrorizing of people, especially on that day,” Dr. Lesham said.

He has seen conflicts in Israel during his lifetime, but he said it is a new experience for his children.

“I don’t know what to tell my children, to be honest, I’ve been keeping them away from the news,” he said. “I’m just trying to raise my kids to not come into the world with this kind of hate.”

He said if he cannot give his children context, he will do his best to give them a lesson all the same.

He said the Jewish community will mourn the loss of life in the conflict, but he is asking his neighbors in Colorado to do one thing.

“Let them know that you see their suffering and you’re sorry that it’s happening to them and you’re ready to help,” Dr. Leshem said.

Jewish Colorado has organized a fundraiser they say will aid first responders and help rebuild infrastructure that has been destroyed.

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