How to activate all Discord Easter Eggs

How to activate all Discord Easter Eggs thumbnail

Discord is a favored communications device embraced across the world. Its developers have hidden some interesting and amusing surprises, ranging from playful references to literal games, in the app and the website for you to find.

Discord Street Fighter

This one is a two in one combination, with a Dance Dance Revolution style Easter Egg as well as a hidden combo code to showcase a Street Fighter callback. You can access these Easter Eggs with the following steps:

  • Pressing CTRL and / brings up the Keyboard combos menu.
  • At the top right you’ll see arrow keys which light up as you press them on your keyboard, they also play an electronic sound which can be quite fun to play around with.
  • Once you’re done messing around with those, press the following keys in sequence: H H right arrow key N K and you’ll see the Raging Demon Easter Egg.


This one is simple and easy to do, it also remain permanently until you repeat the steps to activate it.

  • Press the top left Discord logo 15 times in a row.

Confetti from Nitro Boosts

Screenshot by Gamepur.

Moving your cursor rapidly over the notification for Nitro boosts to a server pops up a spray of confetti, but if you do this enough times you’ll actually get Wampus pop up in a corner to throw out extra confetti.

404 Snek

Screenshot by Gamepur.

If you manage to get an Error 404 you’ll end up with the error code page, but pressing the button to the right of the robotic hamster will activate a game called Snek. Another way to bring up the Snek game on the 404 error page is to type in the Konami code for the game which is the following:

  • Up arrow, up arrow, down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, right arrow, B A
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Insanity Mode

Scrolling down your Discord server settings to the Default Notification Settings and scrolling down to the underlined “This Insanity” will send you to a video showcasing the actual effect of activating the setting itself.

Blue Colons

Screenshot by Gamepur.

Go to https://discord.com/developers/docs/topics/rate-limits.

From there, scroll down further until you locate the sentence: “Note that the normal rate-limiting headers will be sent in this response. The rate-limiting response will be something like the following:” Click on the blue colon at the end of this sentence.

From there you can toggle different modes and songs to play.

Dubstep Discord

This one is not as easily activated and it happens randomly by chance. There is a 1/1000th chance that Discord will play a dubstep version of its usual ringtone.

ID Copy

Clicking your user ID to copy it multiple times will trigger alternate text to pop up, going from “Copied” to “Double Copied” to eventually ending in “Beyond Godlike”

Banana for you

Screenshot by Gamepur.

When searching for results that cannot be located you’ll receive a standard message informing you that the search was unsuccessful, however, sometimes you’ll be able to trigger a different text that reads “Empathy banana is here for you.”

That’s not right

If you change your user name in Discord to a series of very unusual characters, the edit button will give you a face of pure disapproval.

AMOLED and Flashlight

These are only available on the Android version of discord. To activate this, you’ll need to go to the Appearance settings and tap on the Dark theme a total of nine times. This will show you a new theme that takes Dark mode to a whole new depth.

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To get the Flashlight theme you need to tap the Light theme option a total of six times.

Holiday Specials

During the Halloween season of 2020 the music of Discord’s calls switched to a spookier more haunting sound. During this year a Festive sound pack was available, changing the various sounds available to a more festive and end of year theme.

There is also a Turkey emoji that appears in the corner of the text bar in the place of the standard smiling emoji. This happens when the time and date are set to Thanksgiving.


Typing in printer.discord.com will direct you to an old video called Computer Man from a Canadian show titled VidKids.

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