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How to Create a Whiteboard Animation Video on Raw Shorts

How to Create a Whiteboard Animation Video on Raw Shorts thumbnail

Visual content is the most effective when promoting a brand or product. If you want your marketing to go as far as possible, you need to learn how to create videos. Raw Shorts is a good platform to get you started.

Whiteboard animation is simple but can also be very impressive and memorable—a powerful combination. Below is a step-by-step guide in creating a whiteboard animation video on Raw Shorts, including handy tips to ensure a pleasant experience.

What Is Whiteboard Animation and Raw Shorts?

Whiteboard animation videos started with people physically recording themselves while doodling on a whiteboard in order to demonstrate something. You can still do that today. In fact, it gives explainer videos a personal touch, but the results aren’t ideal if you’re not very artistic.

Fortunately, software developers like those behind Raw Shorts and other online digital whiteboard apps came to the rescue with readymade animations, templates, and tools to help you design videos. How complicated they should be depends on what you need them for.

With Raw Shorts, for example, you can create a straightforward presentation for work with lists, text, and arrows along with an animated hand or person for effect. On the other hand, you could go for videos, voiceovers, and swirling lights as well.

Keep in mind, however, that Raw Shorts is most useful with a paid subscription, ranging in total from $100 to $700. There is a free trial, but it’s not the best on the market. Let’s take a look at what you can do with Raw Shorts, and how to create a whiteboard animation.

1. Start a New Whiteboard Animation Video

On your dashboard, click the Create Video button. This opens four options:

  • Explore Pre-Made Templates:  brings you to a library of readymade templates.
  • Convert Text to Video: an AI-based tool that helps you turn a blog post into a video, for example.
  • Storyboard Wizard:  a tool for laying out basic scenes for different video types.
  • Start From Scratch: lets you start creating your video entirely from scratch.
Raw Shorts Create Video Options

Whatever you choose, you’ll end up in the scene manager. There, you can adjust everything in your whiteboard animation video.

2. Add and Edit Your Scenes

In the manager, you have lots of tools at your disposal. For starters, you can add and adjust scenes, including the background, shapes, text, and transitions. It’s like an online PowerPoint, so visualize your project in the form of slides.

At the bottom of each slide, there’s a bar displaying its duration, as well as that of every element it contains. You can change when and how everything comes and goes, while also deciding how long the video should be for its message to be effective. That said, the free trial only allows two-minute videos.

Raw Shorts Scene Manager Editing Slides

In general, remember not to cram too much information and effects in your scenes. Also, be careful with the fonts and colors. There are many PowerPoint tips for professional presentations that would help here just as much.

Raw Shorts offers a wide range of stock photos, videos, objects, and music to bring your content to life. If you want to narrate your tutorial or advert, you can also upload, record, or use the text-to-speech feature.

Raw Shorts Multimedia Tools

There are limits to the platform’s materials, however, so you may need to bring in your own visuals or audio, especially if you’re looking for something specific. You can easily combine a custom-made recording with your whiteboard animation.

4. Save Your Video and Go to Its Preview Page

Once you’re happy with your scenes, you have three options: Save, Share, and Upload. The first will just save your progress, so you can leave the page and come back later to keep editing.

The last two buttons have the same function. They save your project and offer to take you to the preview page. You can also get there after simply saving.

Just go to your project library and click Download & Share on the video you want. If your projects are in list view, click a video’s Options icon, and then select Export.

Raw Short Exporting Project From List View

On the preview page, you’ll see your completed whiteboard animation video and a few more choices you need to make. This is another place where your subscription type affects what you can do.

5. Choose Quality and Watermark

A free trial gets you low resolution and the Raw Shorts watermark, which, unfortunately, covers the whole video instead of just a corner. With a paid plan, you can remove the logo and choose up to 1080 HD resolution.

Select the options you want and click Render Video. This will make the necessary changes and alert you when the video is ready to preview again. How long it takes depends on the content’s length and complexity.

Raw Shorts Export Options

Do make sure you check the video before finalizing the process, as problems can pop up at this stage. Fix them in the scene manager or with the help of customer support. Render the video again and your video is complete.

You’ll get a video link to paste anywhere you like, as well as buttons to Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Hubspot, and other platforms. The YouTube sharing feature doesn’t always work, but you can still download the video and upload it to your channel.

How to download a Raw Shorts video is a common question with a surprisingly easy answer. When you click Download, the platform opens a new tab containing your video and not much else. Just right-click on your content and select Save Video As in the dropdown menu.

Raw Shorts Download Video

With the video safely on your computer, you can then easily share it with the link. You can edit some more with your own video editing software for Windows or Mac, but the original video will always be in your Raw Shorts library if you want to go back.

Give Whiteboard Animation Videos a Purpose

A well-made video can do wonders for your brand. Make the most of Raw Shorts and its handy tools, but have goals in mind as you put its scenes together. Is the video for social media or your website? Is it for casual or professional audiences?

Even choosing the right platforms for your content deserves as much thought as its design. YouTube isn’t the only popular video site around, so decide where your whiteboard animation project fits, and structure it accordingly.



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