How to fix the Card Catalog is Full issue in Lost Ark

How to fix the Card Catalog is Full issue in Lost Ark thumbnail

Over the course of their journeys throughout Arkesia, Lost Ark players are apt to earn tons of individual cards for the game’s statistically-integrated deck-building system, in both pack draws and quest rewards. However, the storage space for these cards is rather limited, often leading to players quickly running out of room for new additions. These limitations can quickly stund the aspirations of players eager to collect them all.

There do, however, exist both methods of clearing space from the Card Catalog and adding more storage to the collection.

Deleting unnecessary cards

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By default, the Card Catalog can only store 120 unique cards. After reaching that 120-card limit, players will no longer be able to add new cards from their inventory to their catalog, with the unregistered cards simply occupying inventory space until the storage issue is solved.

While the total card collection, including every card of every book, can be rather expansive, the player can only equip six cards to their active deck at a time. With this in mind, players who value the statistical boosts of the card system over its collection elements should value the cards they need over the cards they want.

If a player determines that a card included in their catalog provides nothing of value to their deck, they can opt to delete it, freeing up a card slot for a new addition. Under the Enhance tab of the Card Catalog menu, players can click the “Delete Card” button at the top right, then right-click the cards they wish to delete.

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Deleting cards is not a negative-sum action; the deleted cards will grant valuable Card XP that can be used to enhance the abilities of the cards that are actually applied to the player’s active deck, increasing their statistical output while creating space for more important cards in the future.

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Expanding Card Catalog slots

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Collectors looking to complete every card book aren’t going to want to budge when it comes to getting rid of unique cards. However, the Card Catalog in its entirety, including every card of every book, expands far beyond the catalog’s natural storage limit of 120 cards.

Should players want to keep more cards, they would need to unlock additional card storage space. The only method of doing so currently available to players would be to purchase additional catalog slots.

Scrolling down under the Enhance tab, players will find rows of card slots locked away. For 30 Crystals — a premium currency that can occasionally be given to the player in login rewards — players can unlock new card storage slots in packs of 10.

As Crystals can be difficult to come by, players should make sure that card book completion is a major and worthwhile goal of theirs before investing premium resources.

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