How to get the Trials Memento shader in Destiny 2

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The latest expansion for Destiny 2 brings an assortment of new mechanics and gameplay systems. The Witch Queen has a cinematic campaign, a new destination, and a new crafting system for weapons.

Crafting weapons comes with a fresh set of new regular, and enhanced perks for weapons. In addition to these unique traits and perks, crafting has a new cosmetic unlock available to apply to weapons. Mementos are a brand-new cosmetic item that can only be used on a level 30 reshaped weapon. The Trials memento shader is excellent-looking, and this guide will explain how to grab it for yourself.

The Trials Memento Shader

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The Trials memento shader, Gleaming Keepsake, is gorgeous. It applies a shiny gold sheen to any crafted weapon you use it with. Unfortunately, getting your hands on this rare shader is extremely difficult. These are the steps to getting this shader for yourself.

  • Wait for a weekend when Trials of Osiris is active. Trials of Osiris is never active on the same weekend as a weekly Iron Banner event.
  • Speak with Saint-14 and acquire a Trials passage of your choice. Passage of Mercy is the best chance to go flawless.
  • Assemble, a team of three guardians and attempt to go flawless in the Trials of Osiris pool.
  • After completing a flawless ticket comprised of 7 victories, earn a trip to the lighthouse.
  • The memento item will drop from the flawless chest.
  • Head to the Enclave and reshape a level 30 weapon to use this unique shader.

Going flawless isn’t easy, but it is easier when the flawless pool is active after the Sunday reset. Grab a good team, go flawless, and put this exquisite shader on your crafted weapon of choice.

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