How to save your game in Signalis

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Signalis is a horror game that requires much effort to progress, with all its mind-blowing puzzles and riddles. As you progress through the creepy world and get ahead in the game, you will soon realize that the game does not automatically save your progress. Some players had to find it the hard way by losing all their progress. To save you from such a heartbreak, here is how you can save your game in Signalis.

Signalis: How to save your game

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To save your game in Signalis, you must find and interact with the Red Terminals. You will usually find them at all stages of the game except for the first one. The image above shows how the terminal should look, and when you find one, interact with it, and the menu to save your game will appear. In the menu, select the slot where you want to save your game and click save to save your progress.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You will find your first red terminal in the game’s second area after getting the Airlock Key to escape. You will need to steal the receptionist’s key from the starting area, and from the third room, you must go to the room on the right. Inside, you will find your first red terminal to save progress. Like any other red terminal, interact with it, and the save menu will appear.

Signalis: How to load your game

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It’s common to be unable to load your game right after saving in Signalis, and if you are having trouble, you need to go to the main menu and click on Continue. However, when you exit the game and start it again, you will get the option to select your saved data; instead of the game starting anew. Additionally, you can start anew by clicking on it at the bottom left side of the load menu.

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