How to turn the power on in MADiSON – generator puzzle solution

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MADiSON is filled with puzzles. That becomes apparent as soon as you leave the starting room and you begin wandering the halls of the two homes. Soon you are whisked away into various nightmare-fueled areas that are sure to make you jump. While there are many puzzles you are bound to come across, one of the first ones you will discover is the generator puzzle. When the lights go out, things start getting terrifying. Better turn on the power before it’s too late.

Where is the generator?

If you haven’t done much exploring up to this point, you might not have noticed the generator in grandpa’s house. Up to this point, you will have retrieved the first cassette tape from the study and tried to play it in the cassette player. When this happens, the power goes out and some red emergency lighting is all you have.

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From the cassette player, make a right and go down the hallway. Continue down the stairs and it will take you straight to the generator room. Now you just need to get it up and running.

How to turn the power on

Unfortunately, there is no exact solution to the generator puzzle. Each time you play the game, the solution to the puzzle will be randomized. You will need to figure out the solution the old-fashioned way; trial and error.

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Locate the panel on the wall next to the door. There are six switches on the panel that is used to activate the generator. These switches are labeled B14 to B19. To solve the puzzle, move each of the switches up or down. If you move a switch in the wrong direction, the puzzle will reset and you will need to try again. For example, if you put B14 in the right position but put B15 in the wrong position, you will know which direction both switches need to be placed to continue through the puzzle until you have them all switched correctly. Once all the switches are in the right position, interact with the generator to get the power turned on.

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