How to watch the Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 preview event

How to watch the Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 preview event thumbnail

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The next big update for Tower of Fantasy is Version 2.0, taking players and their Simulacra to the desert region of Vera and its floating, pyramid-shaped Mirror City. If you’re itching to know what awaits you in the new land, good news: the preview event airs this week. Here’s all the important info.

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When is the Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 preview event?

By the time you’re likely reading this, you don’t have long to wait at all before the preview event kicks off. As announced on Tower of Fantasy’s Twitter account, the stream kicks off Thursday, October 13 at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT. To watch, simply tune in to the game’s official Twitch or YouTube channels. If you’re more of a social media person, note that the event will also be streamed through the same Twitter account.

What will see at the Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 preview event?

The announcement tweet is pretty broad, promising “exclusive contents” and “new announcements.” Those are vague, but we do already have a good idea of what Version 2.0 entails. Previous trailers have shown off new areas, characters, and bosses. It’s also a safe bet that we’ll get new character creation tools that incorporate characteristics of the people of Vera. Given the wording of the tweet, we know it won’t be a rehash of the previous trailers, at the very least. Version 2.0 goes live on October 20, so this will likely be our last look before the new content drops.

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Are there any rewards for watching the Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 preview event?

Tower of Fantasy’s announcement tweet also promises “limited watch rewards,” which sound about as vague as the other “contents” and “announcements.” That said, we can look to pre-existing watch rewards for an idea of what viewers will receive through Twitch drops. Materials like Gold Nuclei, Illusory Links, and Dark Crystals have been handed out before, so expect something similar. Any new materials native to Vera would be a nice touch.

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