Hudson Crossing Park celebrates Halloween


SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) -The third annual Jack-O-Lantern Trail Walk welcomed the Schuylerville community to celebrate Halloween in a safe setting. As a non-profit, Hudson Crossing Park relies on treats to keep their tricks going. 

“Not only to help get people out and about to enjoy the park all year long but also to help us raise money to help maintain our facilities and grounds and all the fun things that we do,” explained Executive Director of Hudson Crossing Park, Kate Morse.

These fundraisers are done with the help of the local Boy Scouts selling baked goods along with some festive witches looking to help animals in need. “To get the youth involved and see what they can do within their community. All the activities and stuff I think is very important,” said members of the SOSA Witch Wanderers.

Thanks to all the help, kids were doing some of their favorite spooky season activities. “I like carving pumpkins.” “I like doing everything for Halloween, it’s so fun!” exclaimed Kyler and Zion while giving their pumpkins faces. These would eventually become the jack-o-lanterns that light the trails of the park. 

With all the festivities, Morse says safety is still a top priority. Cameras and adult supervision allow kids to act their age on Halloween. “It’s a great way for parents to enjoy Halloween and of course kids to get that life memory of getting to dress up and go trick-or-treat.”

While donation totals are still being counted, Hudson Crossing Park itself raised $200 by the end of the night. The SOSA Witch Wanderers raised $6,000 in 2023 before the start of the festival for animal shelters in need.


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