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Ana Obregón’s followers do not miss any detail of the steps of little Ana Sandra. The Spanish actress delights you daily with images of the nine-month-old little girl who these days is preparing for a big event: her baptism.

The controversy surrounding Obregón and her daughter, surrogacy with the frozen semen of her late son Aless Lequio, continues as the baby grows and appears more and more in the media.

This same Tuesday, the collaborators of the Ana Rosa Program revealed that Obregón had asked her ex-partner Alessandro Lequio for a Christian dress that belonged to her late son and that he wore during his own baptism.

According to the collaborators of the program to the king emeritus, the suit in question, made of beige knit, was a gift from Queen Victoria Eugenia to Lequio’s grandmother, the Infanta Beatriz and before him the infantas also wore it for the baptismal ceremony, King Felipe VI and his daughters.

“I want every day to be a tribute to my son,” Obregón stated during his participation in the Ana Rosa program to talk about the details of Ana Sandra’s long-awaited baptism.

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