‘I Would Yank’ Student Visas of Pro-Hamas Demonstrators

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), a 2024 presidential candidate, said Monday on Newsmax TV’s “The Balance” that as president, he would “yank” the student visas of demonstrators in support of the terrorist group Hamas.

Anchor Eric Bolling said, “You suggested pulling the student visas for those who are cheering it right here in the United States was asked. Kirby was asked about it in the briefing room today. He said, we’re not going to comment on everything a Republican says, and there are others that pushback on that idea your thoughts on that?”

DeSantis said, “You do not have a right of foreigner does not have a right to be here. They’re here at the grace of the American people. If they’re on a student visa, that is absolutely revokable, based on government policy. And so what I would say is, if you are foreign nationals on a student visa if you’re out, demonstrating in favor of Hamas and terrorist attacks, against that innocent people in Israel. I would yank the visa. I would send you home.”

He added, “We only have so many spots at these universities as it is. I think that we need to do more American students to begin with. Nevertheless we have every right to do it. If you look at what’s happened in Europe, they have been importing a lot of people and now it’s really changed the underlying dynamics of those societies. You have massive pro Hamas demonstrations, massive anti semitism all over. I don’t want that here in the United States. So yes, we will be very forceful will send people back because we just need to nip this in the bud. I have seen a lot of stuff people take to the streets things for that I disagree with and that’s fine, but to support openly a terrorist organization like that, I think that’s a new low for a lot of these universities.”

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