In pictures: Kate Middleton’s style evolution as Princess of Wales

In pictures: Kate Middleton’s style evolution as Princess of Wales thumbnail

On her 41st birthday, we look at Middleton’s best outfits that are worthy of her new royal title

Turning 41 may not be a big deal for many of us. In Kate Middleton’s case, however, today is significant: it marks her first birthday as the Princess of Wales.

The erstwhile Duchess of Cambridge inherited her new royal title last September, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the ascension of King Charles III to the throne. And just as Middleton’s new title called for new responsibilities, it has also led the princess refresh her wardrobe.

In the last few months, we’ve seen a shift in Middleton’s style choices: while staying true to her favourite British fashion brands like Alexander McQueen and Emilia Wickstead, the princess has begun to go for deeper colours that reflect her maturity and the significance of her new role in the British monarchy.

While her go-to hue used to be blue—a colour of balance, neutrality and calmness—Middleton’s outfits have recently branched out into darker shades of green and purple, the latter being a colour that’s associated with royalty. (As it happens, Pantone has also declared the princess’s beloved burgundy as the colour of the year in 2023.)

Besides displaying a newfound penchant for jewel tones, Middleton has also made some noteworthy jewellery choices at official events, opting for historic pieces from the royal collection—Princess Diana’s beloved Lover’s Knot tiara, for one—that she is now more than qualified to wear as the future queen.

Below, we trace Kate Middleton’s style evolution as she comes into her own as the Princess of Wales.

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