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InDEPTH Adds Four New Staffers

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Digital scuba magazine InDEPTH recently announced it has doubled its staff.

Hosted by the impassioned divers at Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) as an offering to the global tech community, the goal of the spirited publication is simple, according to co-founder and editor-in-chief Michael Menduno (“M2”): “benevolent world domination!”

M2 adds:

“We want to be the #1 must-read, global publication for tech, cave, breath-hold and other mission-oriented divers.”

Each issue of InDEPTH takes a deep dive into topics like exploration, diving safety and human factors, diving physiology, technology and equipment, training, community, conservation, art and culture and diving history.

According to M2, the publication has added four professionals to its team to help produce InDEPTH each month, an act which he describes as “a labor of love and/or narcosis.”

New to the InDEPTH team are:

Ashley Stewart, a Seattle-based business and technology journalist is InDepth’s new Managing Editor.

Rico Besserdich, an artist, author, award winning photographer and former CMAS course director is Production Director.

SJ Alice Bennett, a graphic artist, designer and award-winning underground photojournalist is Art Director.

Darcy Kieran, principle of the Business Diving Institute is InDEPTH’s Survey-Meister.

Pat Jablonski, former writing instructor/tutor, writer and copy editor will remain as Manager of Copy Editing, as will copy editors Nic Haylett and Katy Taber-Olensky, and production assistant Kenzie Potter.

InDEPTH posts the first Thursday of every month, and subscriptions are free.

For more info about InDEPTH, click here.

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