Indonesia school helps students recite Qur’an in sign language

Indonesia school helps students recite Qur'an in sign language thumbnail

LONDON: British free-climber and Instagram star Adam Lockwood has released a video on YouTube showing him climbing and hanging off a Dubai skyscraper.

Lockwood, 21, posed as a construction worker to reach the top of the building — the 390-meter residential apartment block Il Primo in Downtown — and had to evade genuine laborers on the way up.

In his video, the Manchester native is seen being challenged by a site worker and attempting to explain using Google Arabic Translate he had forgotten something in the building.

He is told to leave by the site worker.

Instead, Lockwood used a different staircase to continue his ascent to the 77th floor, stopping at certain levels to wet his head with water from taps to cool himself down.

Once at the top, he hung off a crane and does one-handed stunts with no safety equipment, with the Burj Khalifa visible in the background.

Of the experience, Lockwood said it was “surreal” but “almost peaceful” as his “brain is blank” while he carries out his stunts, the Independent reported.

On his Instagram channel, which has more than 21,000 followers, Lockwood has videos of him performing stunts in the San Siro Stadium in Milan, climbing the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris and walking the edges of buildings in London’s Canary Wharf.

Dubai Police have issued warnings to daredevils in the past against scaling buildings and performing stunts that could endanger themselves and other members of the public.

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