Is Poltergeist Chandelure Good In Pokemon GO? Best Moveset Explained

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Is Poltergeist Chandelure Good In Pokemon GO? Let’s get into it alongside explaining the best moveset.

Evolving from Lampent, the second stage in Litwicks evolution line, Chandelure can learn the special move ‘Poltergeist’ on the Litwick community day once evolved.

The Pokemon GO Community day for October 2022 is spotlighting the fire/ghost type Litwick and will receive a boosted spawn rate from Sunday, October 15 at 2 PM local time for three hours until 5 PM local time.

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Is Poltergeist Chandelure Good In Pokemon GO?

Chandelure hasn’t been a powerhouse in competitive Pokemon GO in Great and Ultra Leagues previously, sitting at around #503 and #439 respectively out of #802 (Thanks to PVPoke for the statistics). With #1 taking the top spot, Chandelure usually sits at #159 in Master League with an XL status using Incinerate, Shadow Ball and Flame Charge. A major jump in the meta and competitive gameplay by anyone’s standards.

We know Poltergeist has a base damage stat of 140 with an energy cost of 100 in raids(Thanks GamePress), making it similar to Meteor Beam Gigalith from the last community day.

Is Poltergeist Chandelure Good In Pokemon GO? Let’s take a look at how this Community Day exclusive monster stacks up against the modest standard Chandelure:

Great League

  • Rank: #503
  • Strong against: Registeel, Skarmory, Nidoqueen, Ninetales (Alolan), and Nidoqueen (Shadow)
  • Weak against: Medicham, Sableeye, Trevenant, Stunfisk (Galarian) and Azumarill
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Chandelure relies more on its fire attacks in the Great League and does a great job of wiping some of the stronger steel-type choices. There are some big weaknesses against the likes of Sableye and Trevenant, two popular dark and ghost types respectfully in the meta. This is why Chandelure is falling down the ranks in Great League as it stands.

Ultra League

  • Rank: #439
  • Strong against: Escavalier, Cresselia, Sylveon, Ninetales (Alolan) and Venusaur
  • Weak against: Talonflame, Walrein, Nidoqueen, Trevenant and Obstagoon

Climbing the ranks slightly in the Ultra League, we can see Chandelure being effective against some strong psychic, grass and ice types. The issue is there are some highly favoured competitive Pokemon that Chandelure doesn’t fare too well against, hence it saying in the middle of the road in this league.

Master League

  • Rank: #159
  • Strong against: Genesect (Shock), Zacian (Hero), Metagross, Sylveon and Togekiss
  • Weak against: Garchomp, Mewtwo, Dialga, Excadrill and Lugia

As we get into the Master League, Chandelure’s opponent focuses more on powerful Fairy types, which also means Chandelure can lay down some heavy heat on some of the top competitive Pokemon in this league.

Poltergeist Chandelure Best Moveset Explained

  • Fast Move: Incinerate
  • Charged Move: Shadow Ball / Poltergeist
  • Charged Move: Flame Charge

Although Poltergeist is a strong move, it’s not the chosen one for competitive play, unfortunately. We have Incinerate in the fast slot for 3.6 DPT (Damage per turn) when the charged move Shadow Ball in slot two. it deals 120 damage and costs 55 energy, whereas Poltergeist costs 75 energy for 168 damage.

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Whilst Poltergiest is the most powerful move in Chandelures moveset, it takes the longest to charge which means Poltergeist Chandelure probably isn’t the best moveset. Finally, we round things off with the charged move Flame Charge which gives a +1 attack to Chandelure.

Players could replace Shadow Ball with Poltergeist if they were happy with the longer charge times, just wait for the right opportunity. Possibly a nice change and switch strategy would work well here.

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