Jeju Overrun with Stray Dogs

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Rampant animal abuse being reported on Jeju has been attributed to the fact that the resort island is overrun with stray dogs.

According to Jeju authorities, 4,517 stray dogs were counted on the southern resort island last year, compared to 2,784 in Seoul.

Many of the stray dogs are put to death, but the island cannot keep up. Jeju euthanized 1,786 stray dogs and cats last year, which is similar to the 1,758 in Seoul, but Seoul has a 10 times bigger population. Jeju expects the number of stray dogs to surpass 5,000 this year.

The biggest cause is that owners let un-neutered animals run free, though abandonment of pets after the holidays is also a huge problem. Kim Ran-young, an animal rights activist in Jeju, said, “The culture of letting dogs roam around freely makes it difficult to prevent procreation.”

Some 1,600 to 2,100 wild dogs are believed to live on the island as well, and they are sometimes reported as strays when they are spotted in residential areas.

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