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Joana Sanz is living one of the hardest years of her life. The Canarian model has gone from having a dream life to losing two of her fundamental life pillars: her mother and her husband. Her mother died at the beginning of 2023 after suffering a long illness and, after a week, Dani Alves, her husband, was arrested for allegedly raping a 23-year-old girl in a renowned nightclub in Barcelona. After some of the most complicated months on an emotional level, the model is focused on her professional career, as she shows every day on her social networks.

Ten months have passed since Joana lost her mother, one of the fundamental pillars of her life. Today, her husband of six years, Dani Alves, is still in prison trying to prove her innocence, although there is endless evidence against him. Although Sanz announced her breakup with the footballer, there are many messages of support that he has sent her after this, and it is unknown what her current emotional situation is. Despite everything, she is willing to move forward with her life, especially with her work.

Joana Sanz

Joana Sanz in an archive image


The Canarian continues with her successful professional career as a model, and proof of this are the latest stories shared on her Instagram profile. Together with the photographer Adasat Barroso and the hairstylist and makeup artist Cristo Rodríguez, the model tried out different facets of herself in front of the cameras. In the shared images, we can see her with short brunette hair, with a blonde cut above her shoulders in a pure ‘flop’ style, with a light brown color with light and curly highlights, and even bald, covering all her hair.

In all the images, Joana appears happy and very comfortable with each of the hairstyles. And, without a doubt, the best part of her work is being able to experiment with her image in different ways. Currently, as she has reported through social networks, she is carrying out different photographic campaigns and also castings. It was last February when the model announced her return to the catwalks, after more than a month of pause in her professional career due to the death of her mother and the so-called ‘Alves case’.

Joana Sanz, with different looks for a photo shoot

Joana Sanz, with different looks for a photo shoot

Instagram / joanasanz

“As some of you already know, I am returning to the Spanish catwalks, tomorrow I will be at Madrid Fashion Week,” he said. “This would not have been possible without the help of a professional, a psychologist who helped me a little with this public exhibition and with being physically evaluated like so many of my colleagues who have to deal with it,” he expressed at that time.

Although the last few months have been the hardest of her life, the content creator has proven to be a strong woman and has taken refuge in her people and her work to move forward and continue her path. Joana is clear that only the warmth of her family and her work will be able to help her overcome all the bumps… and that is why she has decided to resume her daily life little by little, showing on social networks how she is evolving. her professional career.


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