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For many years, Jordan Peele dedicated himself to the world of comedy, but after releasing Huye! with great success! – Jordan Peele will publish an anthology of black horror stories - The USA Print | The USA Print99% decided to follow the path of horror as a director, screenwriter and producer. The creator has found in this genre a great space to talk about society, racism and the so-called black experience, in addition to his fame allowing him to help other artists who are developing little by little, like Nia DaCosta. Crossing media, Peele now seeks to explore the world of literature with an anthology that features several black writers who deserve to reach the masses and fans of these types of stories.

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Jordan Peele’s transition to horror

Jordan Peele He spent years building an image as a comedian, a much-needed process for anyone who wants to focus on this genre that goes beyond superficial jokes. Comedy is complex because not all viewers have the same type of humor and it is easy to offend people, especially in the current social context, so having a certain status is something you fight for, not only to obtain it, but also to keep it. Peele already had a certain popularity, but he had not yet entered the big leagues when a joke made him think of a movie that had nothing to do with this world.

Knowing the racism of Hollywood that for many years dictated that characters of color die first, the director worked on Flees! to show what it would be like to focus on a black survivor who also has to face a lot of white people who want to trap him to use him for their benefit. The film starring Daniel Kaluuya became one of the most interesting surprises of 2017 and allowed Peele to find a certain fame that he himself continued to promote with works like Us – Jordan Peele will publish an anthology of black horror stories - The USA Print | The USA Print95% and Nope! – Jordan Peele will publish an anthology of black horror stories - The USA Print | The USA Print85%.

Official poster for Nope!  (Source: IMDb)
Official poster for Nope! (Source: IMDb)

This is how Peele began to be called one of the best horror directors of recent years, with some specialists recognizing that this idea could be extended to ensure that he is one of the most important creators in the history of the genre. Although he still uses a lot of comedy for his films, the director basically dedicates himself to these stories that seek to alter viewers in various ways, and for some time he has also sought to give space to other creators who struggle to enter the industry but must overcome the racism that still dominates it.

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Peele is no stranger to anthologies, as in 2019 he released a reboot of The Twilight Zone which greatly divided fans by not following the same line as the original although taking advantage of its reputation, and focusing more on psychological and social terror. The series lasted two seasons and then was cancelled, and many still do not approach it precisely because of the legacy of the 1959 program. However, some curious people have explored it and although the idea was never to limit the project to the voices of artists of color, whether black, Asian or Latino, this space has allowed many to meet for the first time with creators such as Tayarisha Poe and JD Dillard, as well as figures who deserve more popularity for their contributions to the genre, such as Ana Lily Amirpour, Osgood Perkins, Aaron Moorhead, and Justin Benson.

Jordan Peele will now contribute to the horror genre from literature

To continue with his contributions to the genre, it is now confirmed that Peele crossed media to work on a very special anthology. According to Varietythe director is about to publish a book called Out There Screaming: An Anthology of New Black Horror where it brings together the best horror stories by 19 black authors, with Peele writing the introduction to talk a little about the importance of this type of work and paying attention to other types of writers to enjoy and analyze new trends.

The anthology presents the best texts of Erin E. Adams, Violet Allen, Lesley Nneka Arimah, Maurice Broaddus, Chesya Burke, Father Djèlí Clark, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Tananarive Due, Nalo Hopkinson, NK Jemisin, Justin C Key, L.D. Lewis, Nnedi Okorafor, Tochi Onyebuchi, Rebecca Roanhorse, Nicole D. Sconiers, Rion Amilcar Scott, Terence Taylor and Cadwell Turnbull. The book is already a sensation on Amazon and great sales are expected that could pave the way for more anthologies of this type supervised by Jordan Peele.

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