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JPL and the Space Age: To the Rescue (NASA Documentary)

JPL and the Space Age: To the Rescue (NASA Documentary) thumbnail

By NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
February 26, 2023

Mars Observer Illustration

Mars Observer (artist’s concept). Credit: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Caltech

Hubble in 1990 meant trouble. The highly touted space telescope was designed to escape Earth’s blurry atmosphere to capture unparalleled visual images of the universe. But its creators were shocked to discover that it was cruelly nearsighted from a minuscule flaw.

Enter NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists and engineers who offered up an ingenious solution to Hubble’s visual woes. But would it work?

Hubble was not the only space misadventure getting

“To the Rescue” is a Episode 1: The American Rocketeer

  • Episode 2: Explorer 1
  • Episode 3: Destination Moon
  • Episode 4: The Changing Face of Mars
  • Episode 5: The Stuff of Dreams
  • Episode 6: The Footsteps of Voyager
  • Episode 7: To the Rescue
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