Judicial officials under stricter supervision

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Judges and procurators are now under stricter supervision when contacting lawyers, local justice authorities say.

New rules, including a total of 27 prohibited actions, were launched on November 30.

In addition to current judges, prosecutors and full-time and part-time lawyers, the rules further regulate the staff of outgoing judges, prosecutors, public lawyers, corporate lawyers, secretaries employed by law firms, administration, human resources, information technology and risk control.

There are 16 actions that are prohibited for judges and procurators, while 11 restrict lawyers.

The rules list in detail acts that are prohibited for the above-mentioned judicial personnel, including all actions that may interfere with judicial justice, such as private contacts, receiving or giving gifts or money in any way.

If judges, procurators and lawyers disobey the rules, they could receive administrative and criminal punishment in accordance with the law.

The administrative staff of the courts and procuratorates have been brought into supervision together to further regulate their contacts, and maintain judicial justice, according to the rules.

Also, the measures stipulated five prohibited acts for outgoing judges and prosecutors, to prevent taking part in some activities which could affect or interfere with judicial justice.

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