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The #MeToo movement, which erupted in force in 2017, continues to be a catalyst for a fundamental shift in perception and accountability in the entertainment industry. On this occasion, actress Julia Ormond, who enjoyed great popularity in the 1990s, has filed a lawsuit that not only targets Harvey Weinstein, but also points to the talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and Disney. , accusing them of negligence in protecting their clients.

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Julia Ormond denounces the worst face of Hollywood

At the epicenter of the social revolution that meant the avalanche of public denunciations inside and outside of Hollywood, was the film producer Harvey Weinstein, whose subsequent arrest was due to a series of overwhelming accusations of sexual abuse and exploitation. Weinstein was an emblematic figure in Hollywood, who was pointed out as the epitome of the predatory behavior that the #MeToo movement sought to expose, however, this did not seem to be a secret to many members of the industry.

In a legal move, Ormond filed a lawsuit against Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Disney and Miramax, accusing them of negligence in connection with the assault he suffered at the hands of the now-convicted New York state film producer. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in a court in the same state, alleges that CAA, the talent agency to which Ormond once belonged, failed to protect her from Weinstein’s behavior and even encouraged her to meet with him, leading to the assault.

Julia Ormond in The Walking Dead: World Beyond
Julia Ormond in The Walking Dead: World Beyond

In this way, Ormond maintains that high-level CAA agents, including Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane, were aware of Weinstein’s history of sexual misconduct. The complaint points to an incident that occurred in 1995 when Weinstein allegedly assaulted Ormond after a meeting to discuss financing a film project.

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Complicit silences

The actress claims that after the assault, Lourd and Huvane discouraged her from reporting the incident to authorities, suggesting that Weinstein’s perception of the event was more legally significant than his lack of consent. Surprisingly, they advised him to seek a settlement, but reportedly emphasized that he should not expect more than $100,000, considering it the standard compensation for such assaults.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that CAA had prior knowledge of Weinstein’s predatory behavior. Ormond refers to an incident involving actress Mia Kirshner in 1994, alleging that Weinstein offered her sexual advances in exchange for professional opportunities. Kirshner reported the incident to her CAA agent, but no action was taken.

The legal action also implicates Disney executives Jeffrey Katzenberg and Michael Eisner who were alleged to have been negligent in their responsibility to oversee Weinstein’s conduct, instead prioritizing profits from Miramax’s businesses. Although Disney acquired Miramax in 1993 and the lawsuit argues that the company failed to prevent Weinstein’s sex crimes.

Urgent accountability

Since the beginning of the #MeToo movement, started by activist Tarana Burke, and subsequently amplified on social media, thousands of survivors around the world have raised their voices to speak out against sexual harassment and assault.

Ormond’s case highlights the deeper nature of complicity and negligence within the entertainment industry regarding sexual misconduct by people in power. This becomes especially relevant when you take into account that the promising career of the Leyendas de Pasión actress – 56% collapsed after the episode of aggression at the hands of Weinstein.

This event underscores the urgent need for accountability on the part of a system that has allowed these events to be replicated, as well as the importance of supporting and believing in the voices that denounce. So far, neither the CAA nor Disney have responded to requests for comment from the press.

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