Kali Claire Returns With New Single ‘Wild’

Kali Claire Returns With New Single ‘Wild’ thumbnail

London’s Kali Claire is back and better than ever with new cut ‘Wild’, a plaintive, acoustic ode to no good exes, a warm projection of self-love. Backed by just flecks of guitar, the focal point is Claire’s clarity in vocal, careening from molasses-smooth ad-libs to a lead vocal tinged with pain and pent-up emotion.

Speaking about ‘Wild’, Kali says: “It’s a continuation of ‘Disrespekt’; it’s me knowing my worth and not compromising for it. This song is wildly out of my comfort zone, it’s stripped back so you get to hear a different side of me. I’m a human and feel human things.”

The accompanying video captures Claire’s utopic Eden. Sheathed in satin sheets and forest foliage, Claire is an ethereal enchantress lamenting the renegade actions of her (ex)lover, but standing firm in her belief that she deserves better.

Hailing from Hackney, East London, Claire, who is half-Jamaican, half-Irish, was influenced by the musical heritage of her Grandmother who put her onto the soft psychedelia of The Beatles; underground jungle, R&B and hip-hop, even the folktronic leanings of Bon Iver, she picked up from her Mother.

Claire released her second EP ‘Songs By The Pool’ in 2020, which featured the tracks ‘Give Him Life’, ‘10xmore’, ‘Mess Me Up’, ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Seen Me Like This’.

‘Wild’ represents a pivot to maturity, an entry point into the realm of adult contemporary RnB. We’re braced for her next move….

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