Kate Moss in ‘denial’ about turning 50, says she only smokes ‘occasionally’

Kate Moss may have ditched her “party girl” persona in favor of her status as a crystal-loving wellness guru, but she’s still not ready to fully give up smoking.

“I still smoke occasionally,” the supermodel told The Sunday Times in a new interview published over the weekend.

“I’ve heard that when you stop, you can really tell [by your skin]. But I haven’t stopped … yet.”

Moss, who recently launched her new Cosmoss wellness brand, has since left London for Oxfordshire, where she goes wild swimming “in a secret place, in the middle of lots of fields” where only the villagers are allowed.

With her hard-partying days behind her, Moss also admitted to the outlet that she’s in “denial” about her upcoming 50th birthday in January 2024.

Kate Moss
Moss admitted she still smokes sometimes.
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Kate Moss
“I’ve heard that when you stop, you can really tell [by your skin]. But I haven’t stopped … yet,” she admitted.
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“I’m not turning 50,” she joked. “No. I’m not thinking about it. I do not feel 50.”

Moss also offered “no comment” when asked whether she has undergone any “tweakments,” like filler or Botox, to prevent the appearance of aging.

“Au naturel. Next ,” she told the outlet.

Kate Moss
The former “It” girl has ditched the dance floor in favor of a quiet life with her daughter, Lila.

Elsewhere in the interview, Moss said she cuts herself off at midnight on nights out – but sometimes still gets “fomo.”

“I’m not really into it. I do get Fomo [fear of missing out] sometimes, like, ‘Oh I wish I’d gone to that or was hanging out with everybody,’” she explained.

“When I do go out I leave at midnight — that’s my cut-off. I’ve seen everyone, everyone’s talked sense. After that [time], people start repeating themselves. So then I go home.”

Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista
The Cosmoss founder was an infamous party girl in her younger years.

Moss’ life now involves practices like Ashtanga yoga, reciting affirmations and cooking for her daughter, Lila.

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The 20-year-old, whom she shares with ex Jefferson Hack, is already following in her mom’s footsteps with a burgeoning modeling career.

She made her runway debut for Miu Miu in 2020, and has since walked several catwalks alongside her A-list mother.

Kate Moss
The mother-of-one said she now spends her time doing yoga, reciting affirmations and cooking for her daughter.
Dave Benett/Getty Images for Cosmoss

“It’s so funny because I copy her outfits consistently,” Lila told Vogue earlier this year, revealing that she’s inherited several covetable items from Kate’s closet.

“I can’t steal her shoes, which is devastating. She’s a size 6 and I’m a size 5 and it’s one of my biggest regrets.”

Lila also scored her own Calvin Klein campaign in 2022, 30 years after Kate’s infamous CK ads alongside Mark Wahlberg.

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