Keithville’s Chimp Haven to allow public inside for rare glimpse of ‘the chimp life’


KEITHVILLE, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – A sanctuary for chimpanzees will soon open its doors and give visitors a rare opportunity to look into the lives of northwest Louisiana chimps.

Chimp Haven, the United States chimpanzee sanctuary, hosted Chimpanzee Discovery Day from 9 a.m. until noon Oct. 21.

Chimps at Chimp Haven spend part of their lives chilling out in hammocks. Image: Chimp Haven website.

The sanctuary, a nonprofit organization located on 200 acres of forested land near Shreveport, is home to more than 300 chimps who are spending the rest of their lives in a peaceful retirement.

At Chimpanzee Discovery Day, experts will talk to the public about the individual personalities of the chimps and discuss what it’s like to provide medical care for primates.

Chimp Haven is proud to meet the needs of the chimps, who can live out the remainder of their days exploring natural forests in northwest Louisiana.

Guests can visit the sanctuary and get a rare glimpse of the chimps and their habitats. Most chimps at Chimp Haven came to the facility after they were retired from bio-medical research. Now, they live and play outdoors.

If you’d like to attend the event, tickets are $20 for those ages 13 and older and $10 for ages 5 through 12.

Tickets must be purchased in advance at Chimp Haven’s website.

All guests are invited to dress up in their favorite costumes for the fall-themed fun morning, where Chimp Haven staff will show off the chimps’ habitat and lead family-friendly activities.

Families can make “Chimp or Treat” bags and ask for candy at educational stations before enjoying apple cider and beignets.

Chimp Have staff members also encourage visitors to bring canned pumpkins to the chimps.

Rana Smith, the President and CEO of Chimp Haven, said the staff is delighted to welcome the community inside the sanctuary again and share the joys of witnessing chimp families living ‘The Chimp Life.’

Elmer loves eating his carrots! Image: Chimp Haven website.

If you can’t make it on the 21st, perhaps you’d like to attend Brunch in the Wild on Nov. 4 from 9 a.m. until noon. The experience brings the public into the sanctuary, where they can have a delicious brunch and a private tour. And as if that is not enough, guests who attend this brunch can observe a chimp painting!

Private tours are also available anytime, but a $500 minimum donation is required for a private tour of up to 6 guests, and all guests must be age seven and older. The VIP tour takes several hours and is held mainly outdoors.

A virtual tour is available for those who can’t make it to the sanctuary. Just click here to peek into the lives of the chimpanzees at Chimp Haven!

Take this personality test to match your personality with the Chimp Haven chimp who acts the most like you. It’s guaranteed to make you giggle!


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