Kingston IronKey introduces Vault Privacy 50C USB-C flash drive in CES 2023

Kingston IronKey introduces Vault Privacy 50C USB-C flash drive in CES 2023 thumbnail

At CES 2023, Kingston IronKey has launched its first USB-C Vault Privacy 50C flash drive, it is a FIPS 197 certified storage device and features XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encrytion for the best data protection against data leaks and hacks.

Available in storage capacities of 8GB – 256GB, the Vault Privacy 50C flash drive has a USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface that offers 250MB/s of read and 180MB/s of write speeds for 8GB – 128GB storage models, while topping out at 230MB/s read and 150MB/s write for the 256GB storage model, which is a significant speed boost over its Vault Privacy USB 2.0 drive.

The Vault Privacy 50C features a Multi-Password Option with complex or paraphrase modes that lets users to choose a numeric PIN, sentence with space characters, or list of words so their password is easy to remember ut harder for others to guess. On top of that, the flash drive can also be configured with a read-only mode so no data can be written over it in case of using it on a security compromised device.

Kingston IronKey hasn’t mentioned pricing and availability for the Vault Privacy 50C, but do visit their website for more info if you are interested in getting one.

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