Kitten Trying Wet Food for First Time Delights Internet: ‘Nom Nom’

There’s nothing better than feeling satisfied after a tasty meal and this certainly rings true for one kitten who’s reaction to wet food has delighted the internet.

In a viral TikTok video shared by owner Sam Alsop (@poslamas) earlier this week, a tiny black feline can be heard making unusual sounds like “nom nom” while eating.

Users on the social media platform couldn’t get enough of the cuteness, with the clip captioned: “He did this for a week straight after trying wet food for the first time.” The video has since racked up 1.4 million views.

It seems like the kitten wants to tell the world about its enjoyable meal as he doesn’t stop meowing after being asked by a female voice if the dish was nice.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), a little over 25 percent of households in the United States own a cat.

Most felines are considered to be kittens until their first birthday. During that time, it is crucial for them to eat a complete and balanced diet.

“Kittens can start to be weaned onto solid food from around three to four weeks old. It’s very important not to rush the process, and it will take several weeks,” Dr. Sarah Merrett, a clinical veterinary officer, told Newsweek. “The best way to start is to offer very small amounts of wet kitten food, or dry kitten food moistened with a little water or diluted kitten milk in a shallow saucer or plate. This can be offered several times a day, gradually the kittens will eat more solid food and take less milk from the queen, so the amount of food can be gradually increased.”

Merrett added: “It’s important to remember that kittens should not be separated from their mother until they are at least eight weeks old, so your kitten should be fully weaned and eating solid kitten food when you take them home. Kittens prefer to eat small frequent meals every few hours, so they need to be offered food at least four times a day, following the recommendations of the food manufacturer as a guide.”

Merrett, who works for United Kingdom-based charity Cats Protection, explained kittens shouldn’t consume food for felines who are one-years-old or over.

“Kittens and cats have a higher requirement for protein than many species, and need specific nutrients naturally found in meat, so they should never be fed dog food or baby food, which will not provide the right nutrients and can even contain toxic substances (such as onions),” she said. “If the weaning process is rushed, or kittens fed the wrong food, they may suffer from delayed growth, malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies.”

TikTok Users React

So far, the TikTok clip boasts 261,100 likes and over 1,600 comments.

One user wrote: “He is giving his compliments to the chef.”

“She is saying ‘good soup’ in kitty language,” commented another.

Another complimented: “Oh that is an angel right there.”

Newsweek reached out to @poslamas for comment via TikTok. We could not verify the details of the case.

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Black kitten
There’s nothing better than feeling satisfied after a tasty meal and this certainly rings true for one kitten who’s reaction to wet food has delighted users on TikTok.
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