LA Thieves Steal Victory At CDL Champs

LA Thieves Steal Victory At CDL Champs thumbnail

With an overwhelmingly dominating display of talent, the LA Thieves rose to defeat Atlanta FaZe in the CDL Championship finals. It was a monumental moment for the Thieves, marking the organisation’s first CDL Championship win in the history of the League, and the first ring for each of the four players involved. As a unit, Drazah, Kenny, Octane, and Envoy snatched every hope of victory from under Atlanta FaZe, ending the 2022 CDL season with a massive 5 – 2 win.

It all started with a mind-blowing performance from the LA Thieves, with the team grabbing back-to-back wins in the first four fixtures. While Atlanta FaZe pulled back slightly in the SnD on Bocage and then the Control on Berlin, it wasn’t enough to keep the Thieves at bay. Following a final, 11-round SnD on Tuscan, the LA Thieves clutched up, secured the $1.2 million prize, and lifted the trophy on the main stage in the Galen Center, on their home turf in Los Angeles.

LA Thieves Close Off A Remarkable Season


At the start of the 2022 CDL season, the LA Thieves had a relatively slow opening, failing to secure a big win at any Major tournaments. However, when Major IV rolled around, the LA Thieves ramped the skill level up to 11, grinding to the final post and landing a huge win – the first the organisation had ever secured in the Call of Duty League. Now, just weeks after that win, the Thieves have marched to victory at COD Champs, netting the grand prize and standing out atop the crowd.

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For Atlanta FaZe, it was a relatively miserable season all around. There was something of a curse on the team this year, and the reigning champions from the 2021 season failed to win at any one of the four Major tournaments spread out throughout the season. While the squad remained consistent and topped the table in the regular season, it wasn’t enough, and FaZe will now enter the 2023 CDL season with some serious catching up to do.

Had Atlanta FaZe won this Call of Duty League Championship, there was a potential for the squad to be marked as the best COD team ever. Admittedly, the team still boasts a remarkable level of talent, with some of the best Call of Duty players in the world flying the red banner of Atlanta FaZe.

Call of Duty Champs Closes The Season

This year, special commendations must be handed to all members of the LA Thieves team. They’ve had a tough year and have worked remarkably hard, and the combined abilities of Octane, Envoy, Kenny, and Drazah simply cannot be doubted. However, their huge victory brings the Call of Duty League 2022 season to a close. Here’s how the other teams fared by the close of COD Champs:

  • LA Thieves ($1.2m)
  • Atlanta FaZe ($650okay)
  • Seattle Surge ($320okay)
  • OpTic Texas ($160okay)
  • New York Subliners ($80okay)
  • Toronto Ultra ($80okay)
  • London Royal Ravens ($30okay)
  • Boston Breach ($30okay)

Now, the regular bout of rostermania will take place, with teams swapping their rosters around in the downtime that occurs over the winter period. Within a few months, the stage will be set for the Call of Duty League 2023 season, which will take place on Modern Warfare 2. If you’re at all interested in Call of Duty betting, stick around, as we’ll be covering everything that takes place in the world of Call of Duty esports as the year rolls on.

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Congratulations, LA Thieves.

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