Lawyer Claims That Barbie, Taylor Swift And Beyoncé Have Caused An Increase In Showbiz Divorces

The number of divorces that take place each year could well scare anyone who wants to formalize their relationship, but in the end it seems that faith moves mountains and things take their course no matter what. However, the topic always gives a lot of material to talk about when it happens in the world of entertainment, as has just happened with Britney Spears, Sophie Turner or Hugh Jackman. According to an expert on divorces of public figures, certain celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé Knowles, as well as issues such as the Barbie plot – Lawyer claims that Barbie, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have caused an increase in showbiz divorces88% or the strikes in Hollywood, have caused an increase in showbiz breakups.

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Barbie became a litmus test for relationships

The premiere of Barbie It came with several benefits, including that many women began to analyze their partners’ reactions to the film. Shortly before its screening, and hours after its premiere, the film received a lot of criticism from ultra-conservative people for allegedly promoting abortion, radical feminism and hatred of men, which put social media users to work. , with some defending the premise and others even attacking Greta Gerwig for her performance as director.

Despite her attempts to boycott it, Margot Robbie’s film was a huge success that brought to light the true power of projects written and directed by women, as some executives still have doubts about the real scope of these stories. Besides, Barbie It proved to have a great social impact that had nothing to do with fans attending movie theaters dressed in pink. Some women took the tape to test their partners, since they could define whether they were sexist or not by how they reacted, and that was how they shared positive experiences and others not so much where the man in question became angry with the tape or left the performance.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in Barbie (Source: IMDb)
Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in Barbie (Source: IMDb)

But this idea that feminist art helps women find the most dangerous points in their partners is not an exclusive virtue of Barbieor cinema, since for years certain music figures such as Adele either Taylor Swift They have been in the spotlight for making songs out of their breakups. Even Beyonce was praised and criticized at the same time for the creation of Lemonade which is allegedly about her husband’s deception, a situation similar to what is now observed with Shakira. In the end, taking a stance on these artists can be as relevant to some as taking a political stance, which could very well define whether a relationship survives or not.

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Barbie, strikes in Hollywood and artists like Taylor Swift caused an increase in divorces

In interview with People, Laura Wassera divorce attorney specializing in high-profile Hollywood cases like those of Ariana Grande, Britney Spears and Kevin Costner, assured that there are certain issues also in the environment that have caused these ruptures:

Something that’s happening with a lot of my clients and what I’m seeing here in Southern California is that we’re in the middle of one of the worst strikes in history for writers and actors. So you also have people with more free time. They are angry that our reproductive rights are going backwards, they are feeling their power by going to see Barbie, Taylor and Beyoncé.

And they think, ‘I don’t need this. I am the one who earns this money and I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t work and I have a spouse who is also not working or never worked.’ A lot of people have said, ‘I’m out.’ So this is compounded by what’s going on here economically.

It’s not exactly a surprise that these celebrities find inspiration in other public figures, especially since they are often close, such as Sophie Turner and Taylor Swiftwho came out together hours after the Game of Thrones actress’s divorce was confirmed – Lawyer claims that Barbie, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have caused an increase in showbiz divorces83% with Joe Jonas, the singer’s ex. It could be said then that these empowered women or these feminist films end up serving as inspiration for certain people to look for something better for their romantic relationships.

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