Learn 9 ways to use ‘JUST’ in English

Learn 9 ways to use ‘JUST’ in English thumbnail

If something happens at the exact moment when it’s needed, you can say that it happened just in ______.

If something is exactly what you want, you can say that it is just the _______.

If something is exactly what you need, you can say that it’s just what the doctor ________.

If you’re in a shop and an assistant offers to help you, but you don’t really want to buy anything, you can say that you’re just ________.

If you have just arrived home, how far back in time did you arrive?

If you say that you are just going to do something, how soon will you do it?

If one person arrives just as another person is leaving, how much of a time gap would there be between the two events?

If someone is a just person, what kind of person are they?

If someone is "just the right person for the job", which one of the following words could you use instead of “just”?

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