Lenasia outage: Blame game between City Power, Eskom as residents remain the dark

Lenasia outage: Blame game between City Power, Eskom as residents remain the dark thumbnail

Barely a few weeks after a four-day power outage, Lenasia South has once again been plunged into darkness in a chronic issue which has left residents angry, frustrated and out of pocket.

Many are forced to seek alternative power solutions to meet their power demands, and the situation is becoming intolerable.

Lenasia power outage

‘Trip on Eskom’s side’

The suburb has been without electricity for more than 17 hours after the power failed to come back on after the excruciating load shedding imposed by the failing state-owned entity Eskom.

City Power shared vague responses about the failure of power to be restored to Lenasia, only saying it was Eskom’s fault.

“We are aware of outages affecting Lenasia South, Ennerdale, Hopefield, Lunar and Lotus substations due to a trip on Eskom’s side.

“A formal statement will follow shortly,” City Power said, adding to the anger of residents. The power utility has not provided any time for the restoration of services.

Residents angry and frustrated

With City Power’s responses filled with vague answers and no response from Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Phlatase or MMC Infrastructure and Development Michael Sun, residents took to social media accusing City Power of lying in its feedback to the community.

We want an ETR so we can plan! Some of us work from home! We don’t want our groceries going off like the 2 previous times! Sorry to say but this Statement seems to be useless with out an ETR being provided— shereen lutchman (@Shereen9109) November 27, 2022

16 hours later no ETR,statement is useless without an ETR. We need to plan properly and ensure our food does not get spoiled— Your.majesty (@your_sibiya) November 27, 2022

“So this was all lies last night. You guys are truly an inept circus,” tweeted @VCGreen.

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City Power rebutted with its own tweet:

“Morning, it wasn’t a lie, Eskom couldn’t identify the cause hence morning shift have to resume the process. Apologies”.

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Another resident, Azhar Casoo, also let off steam at City Power: “It’s just not an outage, it’s over 14 hours without power, this is ridiculous now.”

This is what you had said last night, a team was dispatched to investigate, till now you are still investigating? Can you please consider us and our needs for electricity, we need power to work and care for the elderly and sick— Motlatsi Mpholo (@MotlatsiMpholo) November 27, 2022

We’ve reported this at 20h00 last night and still receive the same notice. Do better please— Heddaco Consulting (@heddaco_c) November 27, 2022

Including Sun in the tweet, as well as the local ward councillor, Phalatse and Talk Radio 702, Casoo added: “Lenasia South has been plagued with issues, a few weeks back we had no power for 4 days straight.”

Load shedding confusion

As per the Twitter thread, City Power was also confused about the load shedding schedule, saying Eskom had suspended the deliberate power cuts.

“Load shedding has been suspended until further notice it,” it tweeted. However, City Power realised the misinformation and apologised for getting it wrong.

We don’t need a statement we need the issue to be fixed..— Jetesh Hargovan (@JeteshHargovan) November 27, 2022

You already said you are aware. Basically no progress has been made and just like the last time you guys are being vague. Community will come to your door soon ????— Mohammed Karrim (@mohammedhksq) November 27, 2022

“City Power would like to apologise to the residents of Joburg for the inconvenience and confusion caused. Load shedding stage 2 continues until further notice.”

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Lenasia South residents are up in arms over what it calls the ineptness of City Power while many claim officials have largely ignored the community who continue to experience extended power outages which severely impact their day-to-day lives.

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