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Although The Marvels will close the MCU year on the big screen, the second season of Loki is the most anticipated title in the franchise at the moment. The series starring Tom Hiddleston worked very well the first time and raised the expectations for the original Disney Plus material. These new episodes will have to face several challenges, from fatigue with the superhero genre to the controversies around Jonathan Majors, but if everything goes well and becomes a success, the producers believe that a third season is possible.

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What is the Loki spin-off about?

Thanks to Hiddleston’s work on Thor – Loki could have a third season - The USA Print | The USA Print77%, Loki became one of the central figures of the MCU despite not being a hero. When the company decided that the only way to evolve the God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) in Avengers: Infinity War – Loki could have a third season - The USA Print | The USA Print79% was definitively killing his complicated brother, the creators also began to think about how they could take advantage of the character independently. After all, the villain can also function as an antihero and carry a personal story on his own, which is why they decided to develop an exclusive series where we would see a new angle on his redemption and the crisis he faces to discover his place in the world. world.

The first season of Loki showed us the protagonist trying to deal with the reality that he was not destined for greatness and that there are variants of him in the universe that are more powerful. When trying to change the original timeline in Avengers: Endgame – Loki could have a third season - The USA Print | The USA Print95%, the demigod ends up trapped in an institution that explains to him the fragile balance that keeps reality intact. The season finale left the way open for multiverses in the MCU and this second season will continue to add information that will serve to establish Kang the Conqueror as the villain to defeat in this saga.

Loki season 2 poster (Source: IMDb)
Loki season 2 poster (Source: IMDb)

Along with WandaVision – Loki could have a third season - The USA Print | The USA Print95%, the first season of Loki It was very important for Marvel because they left strong roots for the franchise on Disney Plus. However, more recent titles like Ms. Marvel – Loki could have a third season - The USA Print | The USA Print100%, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – 74% and Secret Invasion – 73%, they have failed to maintain the attention of fans, who are tired of seeing the same story over and over again, and also believe that the company is losing control of these adaptations by trying to present so many heroes at the same time.

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With so many projects on the horizon for streaming, such as the new series of Daredevil, Threw out and Agatha: Darkhold Diariesthe second season of Loki was perceived as a great opportunity to remind fans of the true power and dominance of the franchise, thus restoring faith in the MCU for years to come. Unfortunately, the critical reception was rather lukewarm, although it will be the public who will have the last word when the first episode premieres in a few days.

Loki could still have a great future in streaming

Since the continuation of Loki was confirmed in the last episode of the first season, some believe that something similar will happen this time to ensure that the character will continue to grow on the streaming service. At the moment nothing is confirmed, but those involved remain hopeful. In interview with Variety, Kevin Wrightproducer of the series, spoke about this possibility although he could not deny or affirm anything:

I think it remains open (the possibility). We certainly didn’t build this season by saying, “We have to set up for Season 3,” like we did with Season 1, where there was a very specific, “Hey, we’re going back.” But I also think that wherever this series goes, there certainly can be many, many, many more stories told with Loki in the world of “Loki” and in other worlds connected to Loki, the character.

The producer also said that he would like to see this version of Loki join the saga on the big screen, perhaps even reuniting with his brother to be part of something more powerful for the franchise. Of course, the series had a priority to develop the character independently, so there is nothing to indicate that this will happen, although some fans speculate that he could participate in various ways in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Warsespecially since this second season of his series will introduce us to Victor Timely, another Kang variant that is quite dangerous.

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