Lunar New Year 2024 at Denver’s Far East Center

Celebrations for the Lunar New Year took place at the Far East Center in Denver on Feb. 11, 2024. The celebration at the Far East Center is in its 33rd year and took place over two days this weekend.

Asian-American communities rang in the Year of the Dragon with community carnivals, family gatherings, parades, traditional food, fireworks and other festivities. In many Asian countries, these festivals last up to 15 days. The Lunar New Year is joyfully celebrated with dancing, drumming and lots of fireworks. Officials said the fireworks are to ward off evil spirits for the upcoming year.

Following legislation passed in June 2023, this is the first that the Lunar New Year is recognized as an official state holiday in Colorado. It is also an “observed” rather than a “fiscal” holiday, meaning state buildings aren’t required to close. Colorado is only the second state, after California, to officially recognize Lunar New Year as a state holiday.

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