Man attacks yacht owner for ‘trying to steal his girl’ in video

This snappy sailor isn’t letting anyone pirate his booty.

Ship nearly hit the fan during a fiery dispute between feuding yacht owners on a Miami dock, when one incensed seamen accused the other of attempting to “steal” his boatload of babes

“You think you’re a big boss because you have a boat, huh?,” barked a ballistic buck named Louis, best known to his 1.2 million TikTok followers as @TheEuropeanKid, in an eye-popping post. 

Per the chaotic clip — which has been aptly titled “Rich people problems” and has over 2.1 million views — a shirtless and seemingly steaming Louis is seen charging toward an unsuspecting yacht driver’s vessel, angrily accusing him of showboating to impress women. 

“You come to my boat and try to take my girls on my yacht?” he spat at the fellow seafarer, who appeared to be relaxing on the deck of his luxe cruiser. “Go park the yacht somewhere else, okay? I don’t want to see your face on this dock.”

Louis continued his rant, threatening: “This is my parking spot for my boat. If I see you go close to it, try to steal my girls again, I’m calling security on you.”

But when the unidentified guy tried reasoning with the hotheaded helmsman, addressing him as “my friend” in the hopes of extinguishing his rage, a livid Louis yelled, “You’d better watch yourself. I’m not your friend, man! I’m not your friend!”

Waging war against unwitting foes appears to be an everyday practice for the overly-dramatic dreamboat. 

Louis (Right) yelling at a man who refuses to park his car.
Online, Louis has created a number of clips in which he angrily blows up over silly situations.

In fact, Louis has racked up over 34 million TikTok views on footage featuring his outraged outbursts over minor inconveniences such as his debit card getting declined, having his math corrected during a lecture-hall class or a serviceperson’s refusal to park his car. 

The quick-tempered content creator seems to be one of the many messy Gen Zers who’ve recently taken to staging splashy stunts in an effort to cook up virtual clout. 

It’s a trend that’s inspired a number of wannabe-famous airplane flyers to cause mid-flight disruptions for the sake of a few social media clicks. 

In March, an online prankster known as Jay Nagy scored 7.8 million TikTok views after air-dropping a sexy picture of a shirtless pilot to stunned passengers aboard an aircraft. And in May 2022, OnlyFans model Vvs Diamond was digitally deemed “out of control” after she used the personal air vent above her seat to dry out a crimson-red thong during a Southwest Airlines plane ride from Miami to Chicago. 

She told The Post, “I was wearing the panties under a skirt, and I spilled liquor on my skirt and it soaked down to my underwear. So, I took them off and I held them up to the fan to dry. I just figured, ‘Why not?’”

A TikToker named Louis, known as @TheEuropeanKid, angrily berated a yacht owner, accusing him of trying to "steal" his girls.
A furious Louis warned the yacht owner about referring to him as “my friend” amid their argument.

In Louis’ case, however, fans enjoyed watching him get his panties in a bunch while berating the yacht guy. 

“I wish I had these problems,” joked a jealous commenter beneath the video. 

“They better start being friends and enjoy together they will combine their girls,” another laughed. 

“I want a [Netflix] reality show with this guy,” applauded an equally impressed onlooker. To that, a hopeful Louis wrote: “Coming soon.”

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