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Mark Wahlberg Gained 20 Pounds in Just Three Weeks for a Role

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Less than a month ago, Mark Wahlberg told Jimmy Kimmel that he planned to gain 30 pounds in six weeks for a film role, joking he would do it by enjoying a “20-piece chicken nugget and 20-piece hot wings from Kentucky Fried Chicken with a six-pack of beer.”

But what’s no joke: Wahlberg’s transformation in just three weeks for his upcoming role as a boxer-turned-priest in the film Father Stu. As of May 1, the actor is up 20 pounds in his reverse-fitness journey — and he ain’t stopping yet.

“From this, three weeks ago, to this, now,” Wahlberg posted on Instagram on May 3, with a before-and-after shot of his unusual form of “dedication” to the craft.

On May 1, Wahlberg also posted an update on his transformation for the role in an Instagram video. He still has his famous six-pack when flexing, but let’s it go to show his movie-role “progress.”

“I’m up about 20,” he captioned the post. “I’m going up another 20. Yes, it’s for a role.”

While Wahlberg is famous for his intense daily routine, including a killer workout schedule and strict diet, he has no problem taking a bit of a break.

“They want me to do it as healthy as possible and I’m like ‘Dude, I’ve been on such a regimen for so long, I just want to eat everything in sight,'” the actor previously told Kimmel. “I want to go bakeries. I want to go to Denny’s. I want to get pancakes. I want to get everything I can possibly get my hands on.”

Now, Wahlberg is no stranger to going through major weight changes for his roles. From gaining 40 pound of solid muscle for his role in Pain & Game to gaining over 60 pounds for Deepwater Horizon and Patriot’s Day, Wahlberg is a true transformer.

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