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Martin Scorsese, filmmaker behind Taxi Driver – Martin Scorsese says audiences hated The King of Comedy when it came out | The USA Print98%, Good Boys – Martin Scorsese says audiences hated The King of Comedy when it came out | The USA Print96%, The Sinister Island – 68% and other notable films, who is also about to release Los Asesinos de la Luna – 96%, he has not forgotten the reception his film The King of Comedy had – Martin Scorsese says audiences hated The King of Comedy when it came out | The USA Print91% and recently said that this film was called “the failure of the year” due to its performance at the box office. Apparently the director has not forgotten what was said about this project that hit theaters in 1982.

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The information came in an unexpected way: his daughter Francesca uploaded a video to TikTok in which she performs an interesting mechanic with her father, which involves her mentioning words that are currently used on the Internet and he must guess their meaning. This is how she gave some examples that included Lily Gladstone’s outstanding performance in The Moon Killers, since the context makes it easier for you to understand certain words. One of them was “slept on”, which is used to talk about things that were forgotten, ignored or overlooked at the time.

Why did Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy fail?

Francesca Scorsese he said that in relation to his movie The King of Comedy, the satire starring Robert De Niro that premiered more than 40 years ago and that at the time was positively received by critics but performed poorly at the box office. Even De Niro at the time believed that it was because the film had “an aura or something that the public did not want to see or know.” Despite that, critics highlighted the actor’s main performance as a “likeable psychopath” and the film still had its followers. Currently, it has been imitated by filmmakers such as Todd Phillips in Joker – Martin Scorsese says audiences hated The King of Comedy when it came out | The USA Print91%.

Robert De Niro in The King of Comedy (Image: Den of Geek)
Robert De Niro in The King of Comedy (Image: Den of Geek)

His daughter’s phrase caused the director to remember that “people hated it when it was released” and he remembered exactly when they described it as the failure of the year (via Entertainment Weekly).

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No, it was the failure of the year. That’s what they called it on Entertainment Tonight, on New Year’s Eve of ’83-84. It’s okay, it’s okay.

The project had a budget of US$19 million and raised US$2.5 million even though it had fans since then, but it was not enough to avoid monetary failure. The King of Comedy tells the story of Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro), an aspiring comedian with great dreams of stardom. Pupkin’s unwavering pursuit of his idol, a renowned late-night talk show host played by Jerry Lewis, plunges the narrative into disturbing terrain.

The film delves into themes of celebrity fixation, deception, and the confusing border between reality and fantasy. That’s why fans of DC movies may find the premise surprisingly familiar, since it was basically the big “inspiration” behind the popular adaptation starring Joaquin Phoenix. Far Out shared a 2015 quote from Martin Scorsese to Vanity Fair about The King of Comedywhere he added that the story is also about not taking himself seriously, even though he personally does.

(The King of Comedy) is about a certain aspect of our culture, and also about not taking yourself too seriously, although I do. All of this came to light during the filming of the film.

Martin Scorsese is preparing to release his long-awaited project, The Moon Killers, this month, a film that was originally going to be released on Apple TV Plus and in select theaters, until a few weeks ago it was confirmed that it would have a wide screen release. big, in theaters all over the world. His new story is very promising, and in addition to the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio it brings the great revelation of Lily Gladstone, who it is assured will seek to compete for the Oscar in the main acting category.

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