Marvin the Martian invades MultiVersus with insane move set

Marvin the Martian invades MultiVersus with insane move set thumbnail

Season 2 of MultiVersus has just launched last week. The initial update didn’t drop any new characters or maps just yet, but it did lay out what we could expect to come to the game next. Marvin the Martian is the next fighter to hit MultiVersus, joining fellow looney tunes like Bugs Bunny in the crossover fighter’s roster.

The initial release for Season 2 made clear that Marvin was the next character to come to the game. He landed in-game yesterday, November 21st at 10AM PST, 1 PM EST, or 6PM GMT. While they haven’t shown him off in full, we have a good idea of what to expect with the Marvin the Martian MultiVersus update.

Marvin Multiversus

Marvin the Martian MultiVersus Update

Marvin is going to be coming to the title later today. He’ll be the best first character to hit the game with Season 2. While details were a little thin, the entire move set and more are getting shown off just before release and have been leaked ahead of time.

Marvin’s moveset feels pretty fun from what we’ve seen. He has a lot of different projectile attacks. Which makes sense given his repertoire in the source material. Marvin the Martian will have his normal blaster and pistol. He’ll also have a fire bubble projectile too. The character looks like he’ll be strong at engaging from a distance and keeping enemies at arms bay with zoning projectiles.

Marvin’s crawl walk was also shown off in the reveal for the character. The character can flatten himself down to basically just a head and still walk around. This turtle move is straight out of his looney tunes appearances, but it looks like it is going to have a lot of uses in MultiVersus. These evasion techniques might open things up for Marvin the Martian.

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The character in MultiVersus is going to be voiced by Eric Bauza. He’s already got a bit of representation in the game. He’s the voice of Bugs Bunny, and has voiced Marvin the Martian in other recent appearances in wider media.

MultiVersus in Season 2

The second season of MultiVersus had the standard balancing changes, but it’s the new characters that grab the most attention. So far, that’s been Marvin the Martian.

He was the first character announced and he has arrived really quickly. Last season, we saw multiple characters initially announced but they didn’t join in any particular order, with Rick and Morty announced first despite other characters like Stripe coming in between. They haven’t announced as much ahead of time this season. We don’t know entirely what’s coming next after Marvin the Martian.

We do know one thing that is coming soon though. There’s going to be a Game of Thrones map added to the game this season. This will give characters like Arya a home map in the title!

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