MBTA worker injured after brushing against third rail


An MBTA track department employee dropped his wrench Friday morning and brushed his right leg against an electrified third rail while working at North Quincy Station, according to an internal safety alert and a spokesperson for the agency.

The employee was transported “conscious and alert” to Boston Medical Center with a minor burn to their leg, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said in a statement to the Herald. The Quincy Fire Department and transit police responded, according to an internal MBTA safety alert.

“The MBTA Safety Department and the Department of Public Utilities are investigating,” Pesautro said.

The incident did not pause work on the track, Pesautro said, because the overnight work was just ending at the time of the incident.

The MBTA shut down other parts of the Red Line — JFK/UMass through Ashmont and Mattapan stations — for two weeks so crews can make repairs to tracks in an effort to eliminate slow zones.

A work site inside the Red Line’s Ashmont Tunnel was shut down over the weekend because of air quality concerns but MBTA safety officials said they were not immediately notified of the decision. Top MBTA managers were in the field at the time and addressed the issue “in real-time,” a spokesperson previously said.


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