Media Is Suppressing ‘Breaking Biden’

Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow joined conservative radio host Sean Hannity’s Thursday show to discuss Marlow’s latest book, Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration

Marlow and Hannity engaged in a wide-ranging discussion about Breaking Bidenincluding alleged corruption surrounding President Joe Biden and his family, Biden’s foreign and domestic policy shortcomings, and the corporate media’s suppression of Marlow’s book.

Hannity: All right, you go into a lot, and we’ve been doing a deep dive, and I know you guys have as well, into all things. I’m calling it the Joe Biden corruption and money laundering scandal allegations, and you know, there have been people that have been critical of, for example, what the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith has been doing and James Comer in the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, Jim Jordan in the House Judiciary Committee have done, but what they have done is they have exposed things we never knew before. And the walls, I would say, are closing in very, very tightly on this Biden family syndicate. You talk a lot in the book and expose a lot of the secret cadre of consultants that actually are running Joe Biden’s Washington. Well, I don’t think many people listening to the show believe it’s him. So, who is running it?

Marlow: Yeah, I actually am in the rare group that thinks that Joe Biden is in charge, and I think he’s in charge because he’s established this system over the last 50 years where all he has to do is move the levers, and he knows where they are, he knows how to operate them. And that explains how a guy that doesn’t seem to have any natural political gifts – or really any great [affinity] for this country…[how] he’s gotten so much done for the left. It’s because he does know what he’s doing, and I think we on the right sometimes fall for a trap, that he’s just some sort of a puppet. Well, you mentioned Afghanistan; he went completely alone in Afghanistan. He went against all of his generals; everyone knew his strategy was terrible. He still went for it anyway, and it was the biggest disaster in recent memory in this country. Thirteen American servicemembers died. He droned a car full of children and somehow got away with it, or I guess he didn’t personally do it, but you know, it’s his responsibility. Sean, you mentioned Ukraine, if you don’t mind, I have a chapter in the book I’ve not had the chance to talk about with anyone. 

Hannity: No, you do. You talk about and expose Biden’s undeniable role in Russia’s invasion. This is interesting; why do you believe that?

Marlow: All right, so going through it in the book, I documented it in incredible detail. I teamed with a group of five researchers who’d all worked on number-one best sellers from our friend Peter Schweizer at GAI [the Government Accountability Institute], and we went through detail after detail after going through the history of the Ukraine/Russia relationship and Biden’s role in it. And he time and again missed opportunities to de-escalate and pursued a foreign policy that no doubt tempted Putin to invade. First of all…cutting off oil at home enables Putin. His minor incursion line, which I know your audience knows well, was a signal to Putin that there’d be American weakness. Trying to revive the JCPOA Iran deal empowered Putin on the world stage. If you go back to the Obama-Biden policy, all of this helped build up the Russian economy from the New START treaty to the Skolkovo, where they essentially created a place to transfer military tech to Russia, and then time and again, he ignored the most crucial thing, which is that Putin has always had a red line that any entertaining of the idea that Ukraine joins NATO, then Putin invades. He did it in Georgia. He did it again in Crimea. Every time there’s talk about it, he invades, and Biden allowed for Zelensky to keep doing that. [Zelensky] was out there saying, ‘We’re joining NATO. We’re joining NATO,’ and [Biden] did nothing to de-escalate. In fact, he escalated, Sean, by putting Victoria Nuland, who is a known Russiaphobe, in charge. And you ask, well, what’s the point of all this? All of Biden’s buddies in Washington in the deep state, they’re all part of this sort of Military Industrial Complex where they leave the government, [then] they work for defense contractors. That’s where all of our money stops off before [it goes to] Ukraine. It goes to these defense contractors; they’re in the Russia/Ukraine war business. This is the math that no one’s done.

Hannity: I mean, that’s pretty significant math, I think in every way. Let me and I think it’s important that our audience understands this because that’s where his priorities are. It’s not to secure our border. You know, the idea. ‘Oh, we’re building a wall today. We’re going to rescind all these environmental restrictions. But border walls don’t work, and the monies were appropriated during the Trump years, and I have to do it, but I waited three years to do it.’ They didn’t have to lift the environmental regulations. They could have fought that in court to the end of his administration if they wanted. They’re just lying. They just won’t admit everything they’ve been telling us heretofore has been a lie. The border they’ve said ‘is closed.’ It’s not closed. ‘The border’s secure,’ it’s not secure. Every American knows they’re being lied to, and probably the most effective thing that has happened is these Republican governors like Abbott and DeSantis and some others have said, ‘Okay, you’re a sanctuary city or state, here you go, you take em’ and now all of a sudden they’re squealing about it, and livid about it and making demands and Biden’s not responsive. How interesting it is when it’s in your own backyard. Let me go to the issue, though, with the Biden crime family, because you’re right, you take this, you know, an inch deeper from all the great work that Peter Schweizer and the Government Accountability Institute has done. They have done a phenomenal job. I did the first interview when his book came out, Secret Empires, and wow, it has become more true than, and he would tell you this, than he even thought, and he was dead on accurate from the beginning. Do you believe the walls are now closing in on this syndicate as a result of these three committees? Do you believe the Ways and Means Committee, Judiciary Committee, Oversight Committee – do you believe now that they have sufficiently collected as of now enough evidence that could be a prima facia case in terms of bribery, money laundering for Biden, Joe Biden himself, and the family?

Marlow: Absolutely, I do, and we’ve got two things working for us. First of all, we have the precedent because Joe Biden gave it to us on tape with Burisma that they are willing to – he was willing to change U.S. policy in exchange for his family, not necessarily him. We might not get the –

Hannity: – The bribery statute does not require any benefit of official action taken for the benefit of a family member that fits the statute.

Marlow: I think so, and you’ve got case after case where there’s money going directly to the family, and Joe’s policy is changing. The clearest one is Burisma, but when we start looking into the other countries, China in particular, when the investigations conclude as we go through them, we’re gonna see evidence that Joe Biden and his family, maybe not Joe literally but his family members are still retaining massive equity stakes in companies around the world, particularly in China, and Joe’s administration is doing everything he can to protect the interests of those companies. But it’s not just going to be China and Ukraine. It’s going to be other places. I have in the book Joe and his family doing business in Kazakhstan, in Iraq, Costa Rica, Jamaica. The Biden’s are all around the world. And this is why I don’t like the idea of underestimating them. They’re quite crafty in their ability to come up with creative ways to sell the America–

Hannity: I don’t know if they’ve been crafty so much as they’ve been protected. And they’ve been protected by the deep state. They’ve been protected by a weaponized Department of Justice and FBI. They’ve been protected because those areas have been politicized. I don’t think they’re particularly clever because they didn’t really hide it. I mean, he’s actually out there on tape bragging about it. Hunter does the dumbest interview I’ve ever heard a 50-some-odd-year-old man ever give on Good Morning America, admitting he had no experience in energy oil, coal, or Ukraine. ‘Well, why were you paid all this money? ‘I don’t know.’ Maybe because of your father? And you know he’s getting you know all those energy money from China CEFC, Ukraine, Burisma they’re an oil and gas giant. So I don’t know if they’re so crafty is us that nobody they’ve just gotten a pass because they’re Democrats.

Marlow: I think you touched on something. I think the extent to which they’ve been able to cut deals all over the world and evade scrutiny, I do think that they’ve been more sophisticated than I think some of us have led on in conservative media, Sean, but your point is well taken, particularly with regard to Joe getting busted on tape with Burisma, and that story has been furthered. We now know that Joe went directly [against] the State Department. The State Department said the prosecutor who Joe got fired (and bragged about it) was doing a good job. So we know that is materially U.S. policy changing thanks to Joe’s family making money. It’s on tape, dead to rights, and the DOJ not pursuing that is a total dereliction of responsibility. And that’s why these committees that are happening right now are so important because we know the bribes are out there. We just gotta go unearth them. 

Hannity went on a break before bringing Marlow back for a second segment. 

Hannity: I think one of the biggest betrayals of the American people, and it’s the lifeblood of the world’s economy, and that’s energy, and here they’re making all of this money in energy, and yet, you know, look at what they’re trying to do and the cost they’re putting on American families. First of all, you’re paying more for oil, and you know to heat and cool your home and gas. You pay more to fill up your gas tank, and every product you buy in every store you go to costs more to get it there. That means you pay more for that, too. It takes more energy to produce it, more energy costs. But it doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to the environment when it comes to lining their pockets with millions and millions of dollars. To me, it’s a great hypocrisy we have to, you know, now consider getting electric vehicles that the American people have just roundly rejected. They don’t want them. These windmills are not effective. They have not perfected this technology. And you know, they now they want us to, you know, update our homes and make it more energy efficient and friendly and, and get rid of our old appliances and replace them with appliances that suck that we don’t want.

Marlow: That’s right, actually, the longest chapter in the book, believe it or not, is on Joe’s energy policy, and I had to cut it down from where it was because you could really do an entire investigation into the corruption in the way he’s handled energy and he starts from the premise that some good that we’ll never be able to see, Sean, 100 years from now, is better and more important than America thriving today, even if that compromises our national security, even if it means life [is] more expensive and more difficult for normal Americans. He does not have your priorities at heart. His priorities are the green left, and the globalist left. He’s not even looking at Americans. He’s looking at the whole world. But once you start digging into the details, you start seeing the connections to the family members making money. One of the best examples is Fisker, which is an automotive company that ended up buying this plant that was in Delaware that was important to Joe, and they were building electric cars. They got tons of tax incentives to do it. The company went bankrupt, not before Hunter, though, got one of these Fiskers that’s worth $125 grand, and his Rosemont business ended up being one of the investors and then a bankruptcy creditor for the company. And since then, the company has been sold to the Chinese. So you start seeing these patterns that go deeper than just he has a stinky energy policy. It’s so much corruption inside of it.

Hannity: It’s pretty unbelievable. Anyway, great to talk to you. Alex, it’s been, frankly, too long. Alex has released his new book Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden. Of course, he is also the editor-in-chief of Breitbart News. Sir, good to hear your voice. Thanks for being with us; hope all is well.

Marlow: Sean, thanks so much. The media is trying to suppress this book, so I can’t thank you enough.

Hannity: Well, what a shock. The media hates conservatives, and I’m not being sarcastic here. It’s our reality.

Breaking Biden is available now in hardcover, eBook, and audiobook read by the author.

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