Meghan McCain Refuses To Name ‘The View’ Co-Host She Believed To Have “Arguably The Worst” Israel/Hamas Take: “It Just Gives Her More Attention”


Meghan McCain may have claimed she doesn’t “have time” to watch The View, where she formerly served as its conservative moderator. However, the ABC panelist show made its way into the conversation on her new podcast Meghan McCain Has Entered The Chat, which launched this week.

In her sophomore episode, McCain sat down with Republican senator Ted Cruz and media personality Ben Ferguson, who both co-host the podcast Verdict with Ted Cruz. The three discussed the war between Israel and Hamas and the media’s coverage of the tragic events taking place.

On McCain’s podcast, Cruz claimed that “corporate media is broken,” and that “they’ve abandoned the mission of telling both sides,” resulting in “propaganda.” He cited a particular episode of his and Ferguson’s podcast, which was released on Tuesday (Oct. 17), in which they went “through about a dozen clips, including a couple from The View, where they’re just repeating propaganda.”

“I think that clip from The View was arguably the worst. I think it’s arguably the worst one I saw,” McCain replied.

While she admitted that she knew “what [Cruz was] talking about,” she chose not to name-drop the moderator “because it just gives her more attention.”

Meghan McCain on her final day of The View
Photo: ABC

The episode in question of Cruz and Ferguson’s podcast featured clips of the Oct. 13 episode of The View, during which co-host Sunny Hostin spoke about “an international human rights body of law” that guided Israel’s military response on Oct. 7, per Entertainment Weekly.

“And when you look at that law, part of it is retaliation against innocent civilians, collectively, is also terror, and is also a war crime — and, again, those are not my words, those are the words of the law,” she added in the clip.

Another clip in Cruz’s podcast showed Hostin saying that Israel “should really refrain from committing war crimes or terror because they’re going to lose the good will that they have.”

Cruz’s controversial appearance on The View in October 2022 was interrupted by hecklers during the show. McCain commended Cruz for his appearances on the show, saying that “from a booking perspective, they cannot get Republicans.”

However, he told McCain that he attempted to return to the show to promote his work, such as his new book, which he said includes criticism of The View.

“We called The View and said, ‘Hey, Cruz has another book, would you have him on?’ and they said, ‘No, we don’t want him back,’ he recalled, which McCain said is “because they only want dumb Republicans.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, The View has hosted various Republicans on the show this year, including Nancy Mace, Tim Scott, and Cassidy Hutchinson.


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