Metro Last Light: Redux 80% Off On the Epic Games Store

Metro Last Light: Redux 80% Off On the Epic Games Store thumbnail

An Apocalyptic Adventure

Welcome to post-apocalyptic Russia comrade. It’s great here. If you don’t mind horrifying monsters, raiders, radiation, and worse. Today 4A Games and Deep Silver’s FPS adventure, Metro Last Light: Redux is available on the Epic Games Store for 80% off. There couldn’t be a better time to grab the game if you missed the free day for it. Prepare for a world torn to pieces by nuclear war, and try to save what is left of the human race, as you fight for survival in the metros of Moscow. 

Metro Last Light: Redux

Metro Last Light: Redux places players in the shoes of Artyom, a survivor in the horrific wasteland that is 2034 Russia. Of course, survival isn’t easy. Mutant monsters hunt amidst the tunnels of the metro. Additionally, the last of humanity battle with each other. Station-Cities have become bases for factions vying for control of a doomsday weapon. Artyom is the key to survival. The world’s last light. 

As Artyom players will take on all that awaits them in the metro and beyond. Importantly, they will don their gas mask, arsenal of hand-made weapons, and whatever ammo they can find, as they fight for survival. Of course, players can experience the game in two different modes. Survival Mode, in which players will experience the slow burning horror of metro. Or Spartan Mode, where players will use the unstoppable prowess of a Spartan Ranger to eliminate all of their foes. 

Metro Last Light: Redux is available for 80% off on the Epic Games Store. So, will you brave the metro? 


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