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When the textile company – one of the last remaining in the city – went bankrupt, he followed his brother into the world of renovations. So many years as a textile engineer and now a bricklayer! Who was going to say it. He has a taste for the organization that he applies to the first phase of the projects. “Let’s see, how are we going to do this?” –He says in a jovial tone, to encourage the sale–. Right now he is at an office table with a pile of catalogs open to different pages, in front of a couple who wants to change the bathroom and rebuild the kitchen. They have the idea that it be all black. “Black? He highlights the dirt. “You will continually see lime stains.” The girl doesn’t want to hear about any other color. In magazines she has seen beautiful shiny black bathrooms and kitchens with black furniture, marble and appliances. Black symbolizes luxury and wealth. And now that they can finally renovate the apartment they inherited from his parents, they want to live with the luxury and comfort that corresponds to people who make a good living. She works as a shop assistant and he is a driver for a courier company. During the week he goes around the polygons in a white van with big orange and blue letters. When he changed his car a few years ago, he replaced the one he had – white: the cheapest color – with a matte black one. It looks like a minister’s car.

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