Moore Law Firm Expands Service Area To Include Lopezville and Hidalgo County

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The Moore Law Firm, a leading personal injury firm based in McAllen is pleased to announce that they are expanding their service area to include Lopezville and Hidalgo County. This expansion will enable the firm to better serve the needs of car accident victims in these areas. The Moore Law Firm looks forward to serving the people of Lopezville and Hidalgo County with distinction and helping them resolve their legal issues in a timely and effective manner. J. Michael Moore, owner and principal attorney of Moore Law Firm, said, “We are excited to be able to offer our legal services to the residents of Lopezville and Hidalgo County. We have a long history of providing quality legal services to our clients, and we look forward to continuing that tradition in these new areas.”

Lopezville and Hidalgo County are located in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The Rio Grande Valley is one of the fastest-growing regions and is home to a large Hispanic population. As the area has continued to grow and flourish there has unfortunately also been a significant growth in the number of car accidents. Car wrecks are, unfortunately, a common occurrence on busy roads where people are commuting to and from work or running errands. Whether it’s a fender bender or a serious traffic accident, the aftermath of a car crash can be devastating. Negligence is the leading cause of car accidents, and often times, insurance companies try to settle cases quickly by offering them low settlements. When this happens, a local law firm that helps recover damages for car wrecks offers the perfect solution.  For this reason, the addition of The Moore Law Firm within the local area will be a great benefit to the people of Lopezville and Hidalgo County.

Moore Law firm is a locally owned and operated company based in McAllen Texas. Their personal injury attorneys have the skills, knowledge, and experience to take on any type of legal challenge. They are competent at conducting extensive case investigations, analyzing evidence, fighting back against insurance companies, and handling any other legal obstacles that may arise. They will not back down from insurance companies or defense attorneys, and they will not let their clients be intimidated. Their goal is always to secure the best possible outcome for their clients, whether that means securing a fair settlement out of court or taking a case all the way to trial. 

For more information about this local law firm that helps recover damages for car wrecks, please visit their website at to schedule a free consultation.

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