Musk Deletes Several Posts After Promoting Two Pro-Hamas Accounts

Billionaire and X owner Elon Musk deleted several posts on his platform after he promoted two accounts that had previously spread pro-Hamas rhetoric amid the attack on Israel.

Over the weekend, during which the terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel, killing over 700 people, including civilians, Elon Musk promoted the accounts @WarMonitors and @sentdefender as two sources of real-time information.

“It is also worth following direct sources on the ground. Please add interesting options in replies below,” Musk said.

When the @WarMonitors account thanked Musk for the shout out, the billionaire Tesla founder said, “You’re welcome. As always, please stay as close to the truth as possible, even for stuff you don’t like. This platform aspires to maximize signal/noise of the human collective.”

As noted by Mediaite, Musk deleted the tweets after several other accounts noted that @WarMonitor’s had previously referred to Hamas as “resistance fighters” and even used “Jew” as a slur.

Hours later, Musk deleted his mentions of @WarMonitor and posted this re-do of his earlier post.


As Breitbart News reported, “the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an unprecedented terror attack on Israel, which has included the firing of thousands of rockets onto Israel and the infiltration of Israeli territory by land, air, and sea.”

“Responding to the surprise attack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that the nation is ‘at war’ and the terrorists ‘will pay a price it has never known before,’” the report added. “Thus far, the attacks in Israel have reportedly left over 700 people dead and 2,315 wounded. Hamas claims it has captured Israel Defense Force soldiers and civilians during its assault on Israeli border towns outside Gaza. Israel’s military response – ‘Operation Sword of Iron’– has led to the deaths of 198 Palestinians and 1,864 people injured. The attack occurred on the Jewish holiday of Shemini Atzeret, the final day of the annual High Holy Day cycle.”

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