Nail supply store shoplifter returned for dropped phone, police say

Two women suspected of shoplifting from a Murrieta nail supply store were arrested after one of them returned to the scene for her cellphone she had left behind, police said this week.

The women walked into the store last week, took merchandise and left without paying for any of it, according to the Murrieta Police Department.

But one of the women had dropped her iPhone, which had her driver’s license and credit card inside the case, police said. Within minutes, she returned to ask for her phone back, but the nail supply store workers refused to hand it over after the woman declined to return the stolen merchandise, police said.

The woman then assaulted the store owner, according to police, before leaving for the second time.

Police found both women minutes later, sitting outside a home about a mile away. The stolen merchandise was visible in the car, police said.

The women ran out of the store with about $600 worth of merchandise Sept. 19, the store owner told Fox 11. Surveillance video obtained by the news station shows the two women walking up to a cashier with arms full of items, waiting for a moment, then running out of the store.

The women’s names and ages were not released, nor was the name of the store.

“Thankfully, the injuries to the store owner were minimal. For sure woulda been easier to just buy the products with the credit card that was in the phone case,” the Murrieta Police Department said in a Facebook post Monday.

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