NCAA fan reaction from second day of women’s tournamnet


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -College basketball fans flooded into MVP Arena for the second day of the NCAA Tournament. The day bringing two big match-ups, lots of fan excitement, and Caitlin Clark hitting the court for the first time in Albany.

Jesse Snyder, an owner of Lost & Found in Albany, joining his fellow basketball fans to root for the LSU Tigers. LSU taking the “W” after a close game with UCLA.

“I actually used to live in Louisiana, so I was kind of supporting LSU a little bit. So I was excited to see LSU pull out a win. Kind of an upset: three over two. I’m excited to have all these people coming to Albany to check us out and see how cool this place really is. Because it is,” explained Snyder.

For some, the big sporting event is an opportunity to entertain fans off the court. “Joy is an important emotion and music is an important universal love language. Everybody can leave feeling good and have a smile on their face when they hear their favorite song,” described Glacier Grey.

Glacier Grey drove from Boston as a one-man band to play in front of MVP Arena. While playing the drums, the rest of his gear and vehicle was parked behind an Albany PD car.

“I think it feels very safe. The police presence has been… outstanding. They’ve been very personable and open to me, being an outsider coming for the first time,” stated Grey.

While the tournament is centered around fun, safety is at the forefront. Albany PD’s Detective Megan Craft tells NEWS10 that regional and local law enforcement are being stationed both inside and out of MVP Arena to ensure the safety of all attendees .


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